I hear that you are unhappy with your job and are ready to leave! You got in touch with a recruiter who found you an amazing position and the phrase “goodbye” is roaring in your head. Those bridges are ready to be burned, but hold up a minute.

Flight Restriction

People are always afraid of change. They focus so much on just leaving the job that they forget that the way they do so is very important. Keeping connections with your old employer is crucial! Don’t you want to have good contacts for the future?

Take Off

If you are leaving your current position, it is likely that you are moving into a job of the same field. If the new company wants to know anything about your work ethic, they have all that information available to them with a simple phone call. Keeping good connections assures that the transition is smooth and nothing but good words are said.

Try to make sure that everything you were working on is done before you leave. If you are in the middle of a big project and suddenly decide to switch, you are putting a huge amount of pressure on the people around you. Nothing is worse than an angry mob.  While they probably won’t follow you to your new employer with pitchforks and torches, this could come back to haunt you in a negative way. Finish what needs to be done! It might not be fun, but it is important. Also, try to negate any bad blood in the office before you go. People who continue to look negatively on you are a bad idea. You can’t win over everyone, but knowing you tried is better than nothing.

It goes without saying that companies love prior notice before leaving. If possible, make it known that you are planning to leave them well in advance. Do not make a spectacle of it, however. No one likes a person who makes it seem as if they are the wick of the candle. You may be an asset, but pushing your importance around is never a good thing when you are leaving. Help as much as you can in the transition stage. Offering to help train a replacement is a great way to exceed expectations if it is possible.

One of the most important challenges is how to present this decision to a manager. They are the key person that you want on your side and are likely the one to communicate your work ethic to an inquisitive company. You must be ready to explain your reasons for leaving. Try to keep it clean and professional. Exclaiming that you hate your job and everyone around you or that you want more money is not the best way to go about it. Better ways to get this message across is to just say that you do not think you’re happy enough in this position or you are considering your family’s well being. As long as your manager has no prior beef with you, a calm and polite list of reasons will likely go smoothly.

Maintaining Altitude

Now that you know how to leave a job, the only part left is just to do it. Walk tall and be ready! It is not an easy situation but sometimes it must be done. A new job opens up new opportunities, but make sure that they are not destroyed by the blaze left behind you. Are you prepared?