So you’re probably wondering what job markets are on the rise in 2011? Well, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, information technology is seeing substantial hires this year. What a lot of people do not know, however, is just how many new job positions are starting to form. The rise of emerging technologies has been a substantial help in creating new jobs.

Flight Restriction

But what new jobs are starting to form and what type of learning methods will help you get them?

Take off

The major technological stride this year is in mobile applications development. Phones have branched into realms that were unheard of 6 years ago, and people skilled in these technologies are finding it easier and easier to get employed. Even the Bureau of Labor Statics is calling for software designers to help them out in developing a mobile application for their information. In 2010, Apple’s App Store grew by over 300%, and Android grew by 800%. With the launch of 4G networks, these numbers are expected to rise even further.

According to Wired Magazine, a new form of middle-class jobs is also increasing. These jobs, labeled smart jobs, are specialized, but most just require extensive training over long schooling.

Wired Magazine article Smart Jobs states, “These new, innovative middle-class jobs are cropping up all over the country, in regions where you would never expect to find them…In information technology, job growth is flourishing from Richmond, Virginia, to Provo, Utah. Once these pockets of innovation gain a foothold, they can grow, the employees subdivide, multiply.”

Other prominent areas include Michigan, where analytical instrument development is increasing. Avionics has elevated in Texas, and communication technology has grown in Florida. Internet and online publishing markets have been peaking since 2006. Surprisingly, the environmental market is even higher. If your passion is publishing environmental information on the internet, then you are set for life!

Maintaining Altitude

These emerging technologies are very opportunistic for those in the college market or looking to broaden their current skillsets. If you have an interest in these new methods, the job security and outlook is very high.

These skills will help you find a job easier when diving into the IT market.