After more than 30 successful years, what was “Resource:  The Smart Workforce Solutions Company” is now “Brightwing.”  And surprisingly, although we only changed our name it feels like a different place around here.

What is in a name?  What if you could have picked your name?  Would you have kept the one you have worn for the last however many years, or chosen a new one?

Eighteen months ago our executive team posed some of these exact questions about changing our name, and ultimately we took the leap.  Resource felt a little constricting, limiting or didn’t give us enough distinction.  We had worn the name for 30 years and it served us well, but now was the time to stand up and be heard.  We wanted everyone to know what we have known for many years:  that it takes a special company to live by the mission to champion human potential and Brightwing was challenging itself to be one of those companies.

When we switched to Brightwing, the creative conceptualization and writing of our blog was to be shared by an eclectic group of employees from a cross-section of our organization.  Collectively, we decided that the first article was going to be about a person’s exceptional accomplishments.  Maybe someone had overcome a great tragedy in their life, had committed a great act of courage or had been a beacon of hope for someone else.  I found stories like these at Brightwing, but my writing couldn’t do them justice.  And then it hit me:

A month ago one of our most senior recruiters came to our CEO and said that she didn’t know if she was going to be able to live up to the name Brightwing.  She felt that with the new name comes great responsibility. The people I work with are challenging themselves every day to live up to Brighwing’s lofty mission, which is a success story in itself.

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