Last Thursday night I went to the Crain’s Detroit award ceremony for the “Coolest Place to Work” at the Henry Ford Museum and I can tell you that being outside of the office setting with people from Brightwing was a real blast.   We were one of 4 companies featured in the “highlights” video that Crain’s produced and sitting in the auditorium, watching our CEO – dressed up as Cruella Deville for Halloween was priceless.  Oh, yeah we also had one of our sales guys dress up as Sparty, but I am a Grand Valley State fan so whatever.

Crain’s put on a nice show…Bells beer was flowing and they had a photo booth, so 6 of us crammed in and took a bunch of pictures.  And, this is cool, they had a true to size airplane cabin complete with seats and overhead storage so we drank and celebrated in the plane.

But the most memorable part of the evening happened after we all got back to the office from the event when I realized that my car was dead.  I had accidentally left my lights on and my car wouldn’t start.  Everyone stayed with me, in the cold and rain while one person drove all the way home to get jumper cables.  And that’s it… at 10:15 at night my coworkers spent almost 40 minutes helping me with my car problems.  I am truly blessed, Brightwing is indeed a cool place to work.