Change…some people like it and some people hate it.  I think if everyone were honest, even those who embrace change have to admit there are challenges that come with doing something new.   How are some of the best ways to cope with change and make sure that you end up with a smile on your face and the best possible experience?

Get Involved – If you are able to volunteer to be a “subject matter expert” or to be on a committee to recommend change….do it!  Being on the front end of change gives you the best opportunity to provide information to make the changes most effective for you and those on your team.

Accentuate the Positive – Find out the advantages of the new “whatever” and make sure your team understands their effort comes with a prize at the end.  Better reporting capabilities; faster information gathering; streamlined processes can all be good incentive for them to dive into the training and endure the growing pains.

Communicate, communicate, communicate…and then communicate some more – Nothing puts the brakes on change faster than some part of the train not getting the message.  Put it in writing, talk about it in meetings and make it part of your written policies and procedures.

Keep an Open Mind  – If you grumble about the change, so will those around you.  Look for solutions to the things that you perceive as negative that will benefit the whole group.

….And get the grumblers to help – If there is negativity (and no matter how positive you are, there will be some), don’t try to suppress it.  Have a meeting to discuss those things that aren’t working and see whether additional training is needed or other solutions can be developed by those experiencing the most pain.

Don’t forget to motivate  along the way– Find a way to reward the behaviors you are changing in little ways as you see progress and make sure the carrot is visible to everyone in the organization.

Lastly – relax and go with the flow.  Change is all around us.  Embrace it.  After all, if things didn’t change we’d all be receiving this message by Pony Express!



Author: Karen Melvin