Fashion in the workplace
Post recession, a good amount of people in our country are looking to find a new job, a job, a  better job, a promotion or expand our networks to make sure we are connected with our industries, and as shallow as it sounds, we need to look good. I have had friends ask about what to wear to networking events, what to wear to work or what does business casual mean? How casual is too casual? I asked a few of our best dressed male and female Brightwingers what workplace fashion looks like to them:


What to wear to work Aaron Chernow, CEO of Brightwing
“For new clients always a suit and tie. Definitely dress more formal. I like solid orange ties with grey suits and my dad feels the same way. I love when someone shows their individuality in a pocket square or in a shirt tie combo. If it were a networking event, it would really depend on the mood of the audience. Where is it? Is it formal? Unless I have to wear a tie for a conservative or formal event, I don’t wear a tie because that’s my style. In everyday business casual you should wear whatever makes you feel good about yourself. If you want to be formal I love it, casual I love it.”




David Chernow, CMO of Brightwing
“What I would do is research the culture of the events/ interview/ company that I would be meeting with. Is it a company that wears jeans every day? Am I going to an event with Fortune 500 CEOs? It really depends and you need to know your audience. What if the company I meet with wears jeans? I may not wear a suit; I may wear slacks and a button down. If I am meeting with a conservative audience from an interview to a meeting to an event I will probably wear a suit and tie. My everyday attire for business casual is a polo or button down shirt and casual cotton pants. In the winter I like to wear a button down under a sweater.”

What to wear to work



Jeff Borra, Business Development Manager
“To a networking event I usually wear a sport coat, button down shirt and dress pants. I like to be comfortable but presentable to potential contacts, candidates and clients. Business casual is more relaxed but can be more colorful. I will usually wear a button down or a nice golf shirt with khakis or dress pants. When it comes to new client meetings, I will wear a suit and tie, usually in conservative colors, but don’t take the business formal so seriously that you wear a tuxedo. Recently I walked a candidate into an interview and he was wearing a full tux.”



What to wear to work April Jennings, Director of marketing
“Now that it’s summer time I would probably wear a dress with a blazer or cardigan and a cute belt. I am in marketing, and a lot of the creative types are trendy or expressive with their clothes and I love it. One of my favorite stores for staples is The Limited because they make it really easy to mix and match with statement pieces. I am really into the “pop” of color right now.”







Katie Peterson, Programs and Partnerships Manager
“I have a young child, and with that I think about a million things that don’t have to do with what I need to wear to work every morning. To make it easier for me, I like pieces that are versatile, cardigans that I can wear with jeans and work pants, shirts that I can wear to work and on the weekends. As far as workpants go I try to find pairs like Limited or Express pants because I know I’ll buy a pair that are comfortable and that I will wear for years… really get my money’s worth. I What to wear to work try to not pick incredibly trendy pieces so they don’t go out of style but still on trend with statement pieces and accessories. I love and need the mix and match and versatility from work to life.”




Meghan Marotta, Recruiter
“If I were going to interview I would wear a simple pant suit with muted tones, my hair out of my face and simple jewelry. On client calls I stick to business casual, meaning pants or work dresses but probably keep things on the conservative side. I would definitely have more fun with my outfits at a networking event or everyday business casual. Jazz up the basics with accessories and statement pieces. Colors are wonderful!”





What to wear to work Elyse Lopez, Recruiting Administrator
Being a little self serving I thought I would add my two cents. I generally don’t see clients so a lot of what I wear, as Aaron said, is whatever makes me happy….and what makes me happy are dresses. Nothing frustrates me more in the morning than trying to match a shirt or sweater to a skirt or pants. If I had to sum up my business casual/formal philosophy it would be a dress (wrap, suiting or shirt), blazer or sweater and boots in the winter (cute boots), and a dress with heeled sandals or pumps in the summer.

Author: Elyse Lopez