Our friends at Good.co are creating some pretty amazing tools. Employee engagement is hot right now, not just because it’s the buzz term of choice, but because employers AND employees want to be happy. Good.co has created a Fit Test that assesses who you are and how you think, resulting in archetypes that categorize your social style, work style, and key traits.

Beyond a personal analysis (I am  a humanitarian, rock and advocate) the system connects with your LinkedIn profile and can rank your archetype with your current and previous employers and managers, your peers that have signed up, as well as teams that you have worked on. The ultimate goal is to either check that the company you work for is a fit, and you’re a fit for them or to find a company that is a fit for your archetype.  As Good.co puts it, “No matter where you are in your career path, it’s never too late to find yourself in Good Company.”

Sign up to take your fit test, check out the site, and click below to read about the archetypes.



Author: Elyse Lopez