top programming languagesWhy should you know the top programming languages from 2013? For starters they are the skills needed for today’s high demand IT jobs industry wide.  They will also be in high demand for 2014. Companies are investing more in their internal systems, spending more money on their websites, and developing relevant mobile applications making the growth and need for software developers skyrocket. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics has projected a 30% growth in the employment of software developers by 2020. This is about twice the average growth rate for ALL occupations.

Secondly, If you aren’t a developer it is very likely that you work directly or indirectly with one to help you complete some aspect of your every day job. Knowing that these skill sets exist, and how they operate can help you more clearly communicate with your IT Department or helpdesk. Free sites like Codecademy (linked to below), can help give you this background knowledge.

Without further adieu, here are the top programming languages of 2013:


Author: Elyse Lopez