job for mobile app development

Mobile app development is hot, and to stay relevant you need to keep your skills sharp. As of January 2014 mobile apps made up 47% of Internet traffic. This is the first time that mobile app usage alone has exceeded internet usage of PC’s. What’s more, 43% of mobile phone owners (globally) now use the market leader, Android. From a technical standpoint, to stay relevant in mobile app development, developers need to continually learn new skills and push the envelope, while also embracing and mastering the soft skills.

Our friends at The Muse created The Ultimate Guide to Professional Development (below) for Software Engineers and Mobile App Developers. The guide gives great tips and tricks for all areas in IT, especially mobile app development as this niche is exploding with growth.  The experts talk about the importance of continued learning, effective communication skills, management experience, conferences to attend and must read books. Are you looking for an Android mobile app development job? Click here! To create your own career growth plan as a mobile app developer, read on…


The Ultimate Guide to Professional Development for Engineers from The Muse