Let’s be honest – automation technology can be disruptive at times. Some manufacturing jobs have been taken over by robots, while others have been outsourced. But that’s not to say the industrial sector is dead, or anywhere near it. In fact, advanced technology is becoming more efficient, which lowers production costs. When production costs are down, companies are able to invest in outside specialists needed to maintain manufacturing equipment.

In a nutshell, a job in manufacturing was once a hammer and chisel until we evolved, and now we’re evolving once again. Here are some of the latest manufacturing outlook news stories:


Auto Tech Brings Domestic Manufacturing Jobs Home

Tech might be what’s being blamed for shrinking the number of industrial jobs, but it’s also the key to reviving the sector. Here’s why.


The Rise of Manufacturing Jobs in America, even with Robotics

Are robots to blame for the slow job growth in America’s manufacturing industry? No, in fact, robots may actually be helping to save jobs rather than eliminating them. Read more.


Manufacturing Jobs Expected To Increase Slightly In 2016

A new survey anticipates that employment in the industrial sector will rebound following a slight decrease in late 2015. Read more.