How to Negotiate a Job Offer


Negotiating a job offer begins the moment you start your job search. The key is to be prepared by researching similar positions in the industry. Doing your homework will help you make smarter, more reasonable decisions and establish a negotiation strategy. The most important factor in negotiating a job offer is confidence – confidence in your skills, talents, experience, and education. The way you hold yourself and present your capabilities will help convince the hiring manager that you will be a valuable asset to the organization. Learn the dos and don’ts on how to successfully negotiate a job offer with these three articles:


How to Negotiate A Job Offer

Learn great tips and strategies from Forbes on “How To Negotiate A Job Offer“. This article will guide you on every step of the process from the beginning stages of your job search, to the final negotiating stages. Not sure what to actually say during the negotiation? This article also provides a word-for-word example on what to say and what responses to expect from the hiring manager.



Don’t Make These 8 Mistakes When Negotiating Salary

Preparation is key to negotiate a job offer. Avoid these “8 Mistakes When Negotiating Salary“, as discussed in U.S. News. From lying about your last salary, to playing games, find out what may be causing you to loose the job offer completely. Don’t let these mistakes become experiences you are forced to learn from! They may cost you a great job offer and a great position.



How To Negotiate Salary: 37 Tips You Need To Know

According to The Muse, most people avoid negotiating their salary out of fear. Overcome this fear, and become a better negotiator with their article “How To Negotiate Salary: 37 Tips You Need To Know“. The article gives tips on every stage of the process including:


  • Getting Prepared
  • Starting The Conversation
  • Making the Ask
  • Getting An Answer (and Dealing With the Aftermath)