Artificial Intelligence in GM Cars


General Motors (GM) is going beyond high-tech infotainment systems announcing a partnership with IBM to utilize its Jeopardy-winning Watson cognitive learning (or artificial intelligence) technology to transform OnStar into a “cognitive mobility platform” referred to by GM as OnStar Go.


GM’s infotainment system with Watson’s artificial technology could eventually learn the driver’s habits and schedule to become the ultimate Siri or Google Assistant! While we may not always utilize this technology to its fullest, it will be interesting to see how this artificial intelligence grows within the automotive industry. After all, automakers are working hard to integrate the latest technology advancements to provide the ultimate product. In this case, Watson is the perfect system because of its ability to interact with humans, which will lead to greater opportunities in the future. As a professional in the field, this is a great time to be part of such innovative projects for these companies.