Turn Your Job Hunting Weaknesses Into Positives


“What are your weaknesses?”… after investing some time in demonstrating why you’d be the best person for a job, this question can be quite difficult to answer or discuss. The reality is that everyone has some sort of weaknesses even if they’re the best in their field. Don’t let yours ruin your chances in getting the job you’ve been working hard to get! Just like anything else, it’s the way you say it and how you approach it.



4 common weaknesses you can spin into positives:


I am assertive
To some people, assertiveness might come off as being arrogant, dominating and bossy. However, being assertive can also be a great attribute and it’s your job to show them how! Perhaps being assertive has been a great communication skill in the past or it has allowed you to solve problems and take responsibility. Shine a positive light to this attribute, and make it work for your advantage.


This is one of the most common weaknesses in job seekers. After all, we all start as a beginner at one point in our career. List any accomplishments, projects or related coursework on your resume, to show you do have some sort of experience and knowledge in the field. If you are changing careers, takeaway skills from previous jobs that you find relevant. Lastly, in some instances, lack of experience can be an advantage! Demonstrate that you are a fast learner and they’ll find value in being able to teach you from scratch.


Disparity in your work experience
We get it, things happen! No matter the reason, be prepared to explain it and be sure to stay active in the meantime. You can do so by volunteering, taking industry related classes, or even working on side projects that you can add to your resume. The important thing is to show that you are committed to your career and passionate about the industry.


Job hopping
Companies spend a lot of time and money on new-hires, and they want to be sure that they stay for a long time. Although no one expects you to have the same job for 10 years, if you tend to be a job hopper, be sure to approach it in a positive way. If the constant move wasn’t necessarily your choice, you can explain the reasoning in a cover letter. If you’ve simply moved from job to job to get to where you want to be, spin this by focusing on the prevalent themes of your work. You will then come off as an experienced go-getter instead of the hit-and-run type. To become an even more desirable candidate, be sure to point out your accomplishments and successes along the way.


Finding the silver lining in any weaknesses, will help you address them more confidently in any job interview. In the end, confidence will go a long way when it comes to landing a job and being successful at it!