How to Ensure Successful New Hires


Hiring new employees is extremely costly—don’t lose them after a few months! In today’s world, it’s important to pay attention to every step of the hiring process to secure successful new hires. Follow Brightwing’s top 4 strategies on how to hire and retain great employees.



1. Establish a High-Quality Hiring Process

Go beyond a resume; it takes more to get the job done. Of course you want new hires with the right skillset and experience. However, if you rush the screening process and fast-forward through the interview, you run the risk of settling for a candidate who only looks good on paper. Instead, develop a strategic process for vetting candidates to ensure the fit is good for both of you.



2. Develop a Structured Onboarding Process

Once you hire the best candidate for the position, take measures to ensure he/she feels empowered to get the job done. Develop a structured onboarding process designed to introduce new hires to the company, access relevant tools, and navigate the building.



3. Invest in Your Employees

Brightwing places a premium on the human element. Employees work hard to develop the skills and experience needed to qualify for high-quality roles. Once hired, take time to recognize their achievements and contributions to the company.



4. Build a Strong Company Culture with Creative Benefits

Today, more than ever, company culture impacts employees’ overall job satisfaction. Consider creative benefits you can offer to provide a positive, encouraging environment. For example, a gym membership, time off for volunteer work, flex time, and discounts on healthy meal delivery services.