4 Locations with the Highest Demand for Engineers


Engineering is a field that has historically seen strong demand, but with a current unemployment rate of 1.7%, the need for talent in the field is reaching a fever pitch. Hiring managers can’t find enough engineering talent, while professionals working in the field are finding it overwhelming to sift through the sheer number of opportunities flooding the job market. While there’s a tremendous amount of excitement and activity for those in and around the engineering industry, there are a handful of locations where demand for engineers is highest.




When it comes to engineering, the Mitten State might have more to boast about than any other place in America. Not only does it rank in the top three states that employ the most engineers, but some parts of Michigan are seeing the highest STEM employment growth in the entire country. Such statistics indicate its place as an engineering mecca will continue for the foreseeable future.


Of course, the rebound of the auto industry in the last several years has played a huge part in driving the demand for engineering talent. It’s why Michigan is the number one employer of industrial engineers and employs nearly twice as many mechanical engineers than any other state. Detroit and its surrounding suburbs are at the forefront of this movement. Home to the famous American names of Chrysler, General Motors, and Ford, the area also fosters demand from international companies such as Nissan and Hitachi Automotive Systems.


As the auto industry focuses more on technological advancements, AI, and machine learning, the need for engineering talent is rising exponentially. Manufacturing in general is moving along the same lines, as plants outside the auto industry likewise are striving to increase efficiency through the use of technology. Also considering big investments from Amazon, Facebook, and LG, it’s no wonder that Michigan sees so much engineering activity.




They say everything is bigger in Texas, and it turns out that holds true when looking at engineering demand. The state is home to the second-highest number of engineers in the entire country, with engineering employment expected to grow over 23% by 2024. While engineers are still necessary for a huge number of roles related to the oil industry, an increased focus on sustainable energy is spiking demand further. Wind and solar projects are becoming increasingly common throughout Texas. While many of these efforts are focused on the west side of the state, Dallas-based companies are the ones leading the charge and making the big investments.




When looking at employment in general, Glassdoor ranks Pittsburg as the number one place for jobs in the United States. That drives talent to the area, and when that talent is versed in engineering, there are no shortages of jobs to flourish in. While the steel industry has lost some of its luster, U.S. Steel is still an important Fortune 500 company employing many engineers in the area. In fact, Pittsburg is home to eight Fortune 500 companies including food behemoth Heinz, construction and electrical materials manufacturer Wesco International, financial giant PNC, and more. Also taking into account the thriving medical community throughout the state, Pennsylvania has a big need for everything from biomedical engineers to process engineers and everything in between.




It might be known for oranges and sunshine, but Florida is one of the top five states driving demand for engineers. The state has one of the highest demands for agricultural engineers, thanks to ideal conditions for farming that results in two million residents working in the agriculture sector. Florida’s aerospace and aviation industry is likewise a big employer of engineers, as that sector is worth over $144 billion in economic activity each year. With over 2,000 aerospace and aviation companies and more than 20 military installations, the need for engineering talent is strong. Finally, Florida is home to a number of other organizations such as telecommunications company Harris and semiconductor manufacturer Intersil which employ thousands.



The Locations with the Highest Demand for Engineers

Engineering is one of the hottest fields in the country, and it will be that way for years to come as STEM jobs are growing at more than twice the rate of non-STEM positions. Every industry relies on engineers to an extent, and many companies simply cannot function without them. As the need for engineers continues to rise everywhere, Michigan, Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida will stand out as some of the premiere destinations looking for the most talent.


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