We’re here with another installment in our Employee Spotlight series! Each blog in this monthly series will introduce you to a different member of our team—giving you a peek into what makes us tick as a company and as individuals.


Julia PowellJulia is our featured employee for June! As our MSP Team Lead for a major client, Julia knows how to work quickly and effectively to present the most qualified candidates in the shortest amount of time. Her personable attitude and great sense of humor make it easy for both her candidates and her coworkers to trust her. We count ourselves lucky to have someone like Julia on our team!


What do you love most about working at Brightwing?

When I walk into work it feels like I am walking in to see my second family. Our work environment fosters surroundings where you can be yourself and work hard.


What 3 qualities make someone successful at Brightwing?

  1. Tenacity
  2. Persistence
  3. Adaptability


What is your most memorable moment so far at Brightwing?

I would have to say my first placement was one of most memorable times I’ve had here. My candidate had a seizure and lost his license the week before starting his new job. He was a new college graduate anxious to get his career started and was also in the middle of relocating to the Detroit area.


What was inspiring was that he didn’t let any of this stand in his way. He biked into the office and had coworkers drive him to and from when needed. He persevered and didn’t let anything, including his condition, overcome him starting his career in the IT field.


What motivates you?

There are a couple of main things at work that motivate me. First, I love developing new Brightwingers. I enjoy training them in a fun and collaborative way that makes it exciting to learn this business.


Second, I love helping my team perform collaboratively where we are in sync with one another. We’ve built a cohesive team environment where we’re always looking for new strategies to be more successful and achieve a higher performance. We leverage our strengths as a team and genuinely appreciate one another. It is important for our team to enjoy what we do and have fun while doing it.


If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Just take me back to Jamaica, or anywhere else in the Caribbean!


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