We’re here with another installment in our Employee Spotlight series! Each blog in this monthly series will introduce you to a different member of our team—giving you a peek into what makes us tick as a company and as individuals.


For May, we’re featuring Sarah, our VMS Account Support Manager at our Detroit branch.


What tips would you give a jobseeker in today’s market?

Sarah Ableson Employee Spotlight

Be your authentic self in every step of the process, and remember you are interviewing this employer just as much as they are interviewing you – you want to make sure this role is the right one for you!


What tips would you give an employer/client in today’s market?

Act fast! We are currently in a candidate driven market and most of these candidates will not be around long.


How does Brightwing support your career and personal goals?

There has never been a training or a seminar that I was interested in where Brightwing did not support my attendance. I have always felt that if I wanted a particular training it would be easy to obtain.


What advice would you give new recruiters and salespeople at Brightwing?

Ask all the questions! Don’t worry about being a “bother” – we are here to help and share our experience.


What is your funniest memory of your time so far at Brightwing?

This is a tough one, we have a lot of fun here, but running around the office in a blow-up T-rex costume and singing Happy birthday to our Director of Finance comes to mind! There are pictures somewhere as evidence!


What motivates you?

My family!


If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Canary Islands in Spain


Fun fact?

I own a self-inflating T-Rex costume just for fun!