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Here are tips from 3 Brightwing talent consultants on what it takes to meet urgent needs in this candidate-driven market…


1. How to beat the competition when the clock is ticking for in-demand talent…


“Earlier this year, I worked with a client whose hiring process unfolded SO WELL that I need to call it out.

A software engineering manager from a major tier 1 auto supplier reached out to me about a candidate I’d posted about on LinkedIn. She took my call even though she was in China on business.

→ #1: she didn’t sleep on good talent (literally!) Turns out the candidate had another offer on the table, but wasn’t 100% sold. So, the hiring manager had one shot. I gave her some guidance: 1) Gather every decision maker including HR, and let’s get everything done in a single interview; 2) Move fast!! The next day, they bring in our candidate to meet with all stakeholders in a single interview.

→ #2: they adapted the hiring process to match the urgency of the situation. After the interview, they made their decision quickly. The candidate had an offer in-hand (for exactly what he was asking for) by the end of the following day.

→ #3: They took decisive, quick action! The client’s flexibility, speed and fair offer landed them an A+ candidate who is currently thriving within their organization. That’s how hiring should work…every time.”

Steve Ermak, Engineering Talent Consultant


2. How to qualify client needs properly to land the talent who fits best…


“I was recently in discussions with a VP of Finance about her hiring needs for the coming year. Problem was, I’d heard whispers about the company’s bad reputation.

And bad reputations are problematic on a bunch of levels.

But whispers are one thing, and first-hand knowledge is another. So I go out to meet the team in person.

Why? We need to learn about the culture, the day-to-day atmosphere, in person. We need to meet the people that our candidates could potentially be working for… 1 – to weed out the opportunities that we wouldn’t feel good about matching candidates with 2 – to understand the environment so we can qualify the candidates who’d thrive there 3 – to be able to pitch the company well to candidates.

Turns out – the bad reputation was based on a misperception about their industry. The more I talked to them, the more excited I got about their mission. They were doing something valuable and didn’t deserve the bad rap at all. Digging deeper not only let me find a client worth partnering with – but it also put me in a great position to get candidates as excited about the opportunity as I was. Goes to show: qualifying with the intention of DISqualifying can lead to surprising – and great – results.”

Joe Dombles, Finance & Accounting Talent Consultant


3. How to use “working interviews” after proper qualification of both the client and candidate…


” ‘I need a bookkeeper yesterday.’

I had a client in a tough situation. The bookkeeper put in her 2 weeks’ notice. He really wanted to find a replacement before she left so they could get some training. The office couldn’t manage without a bookkeeper for any extended period of time.

Enter: the working interview.

Because of the crazy time crunch, we sent a candidate we were super confident about to work for a day at the office.

The candidate had the time & was excited: career change is a big deal. Spending time with your new potential team is a great way to know whether it’s a good move. The client was happy to give it a shot: if it worked out, problem solved! If not, the risk was ours – Brightwing would pay for the day.

A day after the working interview, I got some seriously happy messages from the client & candidate. They’d decided to take the leap together and make it official. Not the answer for every situation, but in the right circumstances, working interviews are a very effective way to make a decision for everyone involved.

Dan Start, Finance & Accounting Talent Consultant

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