Job seekers → While a return to normalcy is hopefully on the horizon, employers continue to turn to utilizing video conferencing platforms. Video interviews can be a little uncomfortable, even under normal circumstances…

Add in the fact that most of our situations are still a bit uncertain and strained during the ongoing pandemic, and a video interview may end up feeling daunting.

However, video interviews are a wonderful opportunity to connect, impress, and focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.

Brush up on the basics of video interviewing with these tips…

Tip #1

QA your interview environment.

There’s nothing worse than a lag or a freeze when you’re trying to build rapport. So test, test, test ahead of time. Make sure you’ve got:

• a reliable internet connection

• a working camera and mic

• a private, well-lit space


Tip #2

Break the tension with a little humor.

No need for elaborate jokes – make light of something small and incidental and then laugh. Laughter has been to shown to be very effective at strengthening social bonds.


Tip #3

Research, research, research.

Just as you would with an in-person interview, know who you’re talking to and what they specialize in. Have questions prepared.

Bonus Tips

Tip #4

The video interviewing process and technology may still be relatively new to your interviewer. Remember that they, too, may be feeling a little disoriented.

Be flexible, patient, and open-minded – approach the shift in the hiring process as if you and your interviewer are already on the same team.

Solidarity is a good feeling.


Tip #5

Don’t be afraid to ask how COVID-19 has affected the opportunity. Are starts delayed? Is the virtual process still being utilized and are any changes expected in the months ahead?

Even if your interviewer doesn’t have concrete answers on hand, ask them to keep you informed. Communication about progress or lack of progress is important especially during times like these.


Tip #6

Polite and thoughtful follow-up is critical. Write a thank you that is difficult to forget – remarking on particular details of your conversation. Draw a connection between a particular problem your interviewer is facing and problems you have helped solve in the past. Help them to imagine the way you will contribute to the team.

As leaders and their teams are forced to adapt quickly to the shifting environment, it’s easy to imagine that hiring processes may slow down. Be patient, yet persistent. Make the decision to hire you easier by showing in no uncertain terms that they need what you bring to the table.

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