We are proud to announce that Brightwing has been named Great Recruiters Certified⁠—for the second consecutive year⁠—in recognition of creating a top-ranked candidate experience.


Great Recruiters is a candidate experience and management platform that solicits and measures feedback from tens of thousands of candidates from hundreds of recruiting firms across the country. Great Recruiters measures recruiting and staffing firms’ individual recruiters against industry benchmarks by soliciting continuous feedback from candidates throughout their journey with a firm.

“It’s truly an honor to be recognized as a top-performing recruiting company,” says Jeff Genovich, Brightwing’s Executive Vice President of Sales.

Genovich continues: “It’s a testament to the talent of our recruiters and to the strength of the recruiting training program our senior recruiters lead. I am so looking forward to watching our recruiting team grow in this mold, providing unforgettable experiences to an ever-growing talent pool.”

Great Recruiter’s benchmarks are based on the key components of a candidate’s recruiting experience: genuineness, responsiveness, experience, transparency, and whether or not a recruiter acts as an advisor. Brightwing and its recruiters measure as “best” in each of these categories.

Our Great Recruiters Certified status is a testament to Brightwing’s commitment to deliver the highest quality experience to our clients and candidates. We’ve earned this distinction because we lead our clients and candidates through a continuous high-touch, and high-quality experience throughout the entire recruitment lifecycle.

“The feedback we receive from the Great Recruiters platform helps us continuously improve upon our processes to ensure that we’re always providing a top-notch experience for our clients and candidates,” explains Mick Narusch, Brightwing’s Executive Vice President of Operations.

We are proud of our recruiters and our recruiting leaders for achieving this distinction. Cheers to being Great Recruiters Certified in 2021, 2022, and beyond!

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