LinkedIn for job searching

If you’re like millions of job seekers around the world, you probably have a LinkedIn profile. And you also probably keep it updated with details about yourself and your previous jobs to hopefully capture the attention of a hiring manager.

Many people use LinkedIn as a way to stay connected with colleagues, peers, and thought leaders. Thanks to their job board, many also use LinkedIn to find a job. Since you’re already active on the platform, why wouldn’t you use it for an additional purpose, too? But it’s worth asking, is LinkedIn the best place to find and apply to jobs on? More often than not, the answer is no.

Is LinkedIn a Good Place to Find a Job?

If you want to spend weeks and even months looking for a job, then LinkedIn is a good place to find a job. These are some of the reasons you may not want to use LinkedIn to find a job.

The Resume Problem

It’s common knowledge that you should customize your resume to fit whatever position you are applying to. Many companies utilize applicant tracking systems (ATS) that scan your resume for certain keywords that match their job description. And if your resume does not include them, your resume will most likely be immediately discarded. Unfortunately, LinkedIn only lets you upload one resume that you can use for applications. It just isn’t possible for you to tailor a single version of your resume to every position. 

Not All Employers Post on LinkedIn

In theory, using LinkedIn to find a job seems like a no-brainer. And maybe it would be – if every company posted openings on it. While there are certainly a lot of companies that are active on LinkedIn, that doesn’t mean they’ll post open jobs on it. In addition, many companies are not active on LinkedIn at all. Needless to say, they won’t be posting their job openings on the website. If you are using LinkedIn as the only way to find a job, you will be missing out on a large number of opportunities. 

Fake Job Listings

You may not expect there to be scams on a professional network like LinkedIn. But as more people use the platform to look for jobs, the number of scammers is also rising. Still, not all job postings are spammers or identity thieves. Sometimes, companies put up job listings simply so they have backup resumes on file. Others may use it to simply test the waters and see if there’s a qualified candidate out there for a job that is not currently vacant. No matter what the context is, these fake job listings are a waste of time. They can even be potentially dangerous. If you don’t feel confident that you’d be able to spot a fake listing, you might not want to use LinkedIn to find a job.

It’s Hard to Get Noticed

Some people believe that simply having an up-to-date profile is enough to find a job using LinkedIn. However, that could not be further from the truth. Currently, there are over 800 million members on LinkedIn in more than 200 countries and territories. With that many people in one place, it’s difficult to get noticed. Getting noticed by a potential employer would take a significant amount of work on your part. You are probably already pressed for time in your schedule to job hunt. Adding consistent content creation and profile updates to your to-do list is unnecessarily stressful. Recruiters may often find you via LinkedIn and that relationship is certainly worth investing in.

Why Choose a Recruiting Agency as a LinkedIn Alternative

When it comes to LinkedIn alternatives to finding a job, a recruitment company is your best bet. Working with a recruiting agency provides you with the upper hand you may need to secure a new job. With local connections and industry knowledge, a recruiting company like Brightwing is a much more effective way to find your new job. Not convinced? These are just 5 reasons we’re a better LinkedIn alternative to finding a job.

Get Your Foot In The Door

Are you struggling to even get a first interview when you apply to jobs? You might be running into a problem with the applicant tracking systems (ATS) many companies use to weed out unfit candidates. Unfortunately, most jobs do not have a real person looking at every resume that comes through. Instead, the ATS decides which select few resumes should be reviewed by a person. 

So where does a professional recruiter come in? They have strong relationships with companies and hiring managers. These connections give the recruiter a chance to vouch for you and help you stand out in a very competitive job market. They add a personal touch that you won’t get by submitting an application online only.

Saves You Time

Searching for open jobs, customizing your resume, and applying is not an efficient method for finding a job. A recruitment agency works with you to quickly find jobs that are the right fit for your experience and aspirations. Recruiters can evaluate the fit and connect you with the hiring team much faster than doing it on your own. 

Extend Your Reach

A recruitment agency is always looking to fill new, open positions. That means with each new job vacancy, you could be pushed to the top of the list. While you may be able to keep up with these openings on your own, getting a recruiter’s help will exponentially increase your chances of finding a new job. They have the expertise to cast a larger net than you may have even considered. 

In fact, some jobs are only accessible through recruiters. Companies often make agreements with recruiting agencies to try to fill open positions before it gets publicly posted. By working with a recruiter, you’ll be the first to know about openings and may even be able to place you before the job opens up to the general public.

Gain Feedback

An underrated benefit of using a recruiting agency to find a job is that they can provide feedback on your job search efforts. For example, they can review your resume and typical interview responses and offer valuable feedback. Maybe you leave out certain skill sets in an interview that could increase your chance of landing the job. A recruiter can make sure you know when and where to include that information. This information might be the one thing that finally lands you that next interview – or the job itself!

Choosing a Recruiting Agency

Here at Brightwing, we believe that you deserve to close out each day at work with a sense of accomplishment. Check out our website for opportunities to find a role, team, and organization you can be proud of.

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