Do you need to fill positions in your automotive supplier business? Do you want to work for an automotive supplier, but don’t know where to begin? We’ve got everything you need to know to uplevel your hiring or make some money in this article!

There is fierce competition for qualified employees across all industries. Automotive manufacturers are burdened by this fact. Unfortunately, for business owners, now hiring signs and paper ads – or even job postings on job boards – aren’t as effective as they used to be. On the flip side, for jobseekers, this industry is booming with great jobs of all ranges.


Finding and Retaining Help Is Easier if You Follow These Four Strategies:


1. Set the vision and prepare for change

To understand how the workforce is changing and what the consequences may be, automakers should start by gathering and analyzing data from their own employees. Survey them to understand where their expectations, ambitions, and satisfaction levels stand. Map out the way teams (both formal and informal) work together by analyzing digital communication trails. Work with leaders at all levels to understand their perspectives on the future and catalog anticipated needs. Next, consider analyzing the impact of different outside trends on the workforce – not just those related to the digital economy, but those related to demographic, organizational, and environmental aspects as well.

With all these analyses in tow, automotive companies can anticipate and prepare for some of the major changes ahead. This leaves room to project how many and which kinds of workers you’ll need to add to your headcount or re-train as your company grows. Staffing services are often a smart strategic option to consider when approaching the question of specialized talent, Brightwing is here for you!

2. Determine and design workforce strategies

Great ambitions propel people to action, but automotive companies must understand the challenges ahead. To respond to these trends, organizations must design workforce strategies to identify the best talent pools, analyze how to engage them, and then build a compelling employee brand and value proposition.

Finally, they must leverage partners and technology to gain seamless access to relevant talent pools, expanding the availability of critical skill sets and enabling a more agile organization. Bosch, for instance, established a database to keep track of employees’ skills and knowledge, which can be used for future projects.

3. Deliver the transformation

In order to drive transformation, the employees of a company must be behind it. However, that will only be accomplished if the company leaders are willing to adopt the change and set the example. Automakers will need to implement the roadmap by creating a transformation management office; they will need to train their employees on the new technology platforms and establish effective communication strategies.


Signs Of The Best Automotive Companies To Work For

If you are an automotive company owner looking to increase employee retention or if you are an automotive job seeker looking for a job, it is important to consider what makes a company worth working for. 

Competitive Compensation

All workers are looking for fair pay. It is necessary to support yourself and your loved ones. But how do you know that your pay is competitive? It is important to study salary surveys online to make sure you’re not getting cheated out of your well-deserved pay. You can also avoid being taken advantage of by going through a recruiter. Recruiters have insider knowledge of how the jobs they’re filling should be compensated. Thus, they will get you a competitive rate. 

Company Culture

Great companies support and encourage their employees, and their employees show their appreciation by working hard. You need to be aware of what to look for during interviews. Ask about company culture and take note of how the hiring manager talks about employees. Do they use positive or negative language? Are they able to talk about the importance of their team? Do they have an understanding of the needs of their team members and are they openly looking for solutions?


Communication is key in any work environment. Make sure that the hiring manager is not only a good communicator themselves, but that you ask them about the communication standards within the company. They should be able to clearly and efficiently discuss the methods used to keep employees clued into the information they need. If they are unprepared to communicate this in an interview, they are likely unprepared to properly communicate with their workforce. 

Innovation & Development

Innovation and development are important on two fronts. First of all, you want to work for a company that is using the best practices for their line of work. This includes innovation strategies, safety, and the development of their products. 

Meanwhile, it is equally crucial that the company has your development in mind. You don’t want to join a company just to feel stuck in your position. Many employees have a growth mindset and need a company willing to help them achieve that growth. Ask about promotion opportunities within the company and whether they look internally when hiring for other positions.



Automotive Jobs Near Me

No technician, engineer, operations professional, manager, or leader should be waiting for jobs to come to them. You must hustle if you want to succeed. 

You’re more likely to get a job if you show employers that you’re a hard worker with a solid education and job training. The most important thing is to remember that job hunting is a journey, so don’t get discouraged. Staffing is a good option to find consistent jobs in the automotive field!

We hope this article has given you great insight into everything from hiring to being hired in the automotive supplier industry. In order to find the perfect business-employee relationship, there are many things to consider. Our team, Brightwing Staffing, is dedicated to helping you! Our customer satisfaction is our top priority. The Brightwing team is confident that if you implement all the tactics outlined in this article, you will succeed in your endeavor regardless of where you are!