Being a business owner requires consistent effort when it comes to achieving success. One of the most essential parts of business success is a company’s employees, and if you struggle with retention or recruitment activities, this lack of constant, needed staff members can cause your business to struggle. When it comes to improving retention and recruitment, it helps to know your options and what they entail. In this article, we’ll discuss what business owners need to know about recruiters, including how recruiters work and if you should hire a recruiter.


How Do Recruiters Work?

Recruiters, external sources that work to fill openings in organizations or businesses, are one of the most effective means of finding the highest quality and longest lasting employees. They work quickly and cost-efficiently to recruit job candidates for businesses through resumes and active outreach to ideal candidates. Some of their regular recruitment activities include negotiating salaries, reviewing candidate job experiences, and putting candidates in advantageous employment positions. They do far more than simply find people for jobs. They assist with resumes, prepare people for interviews, help with cover letters, advise clients about employment issues, share industry and market knowledge, and remain up to date on labor laws.

Through their impactful activities and outreach to multiple parties, recruiters work in ways that benefit business owners and job seekers alike. Recruiters often work for a staffing agency, or they may be employed directly by an employer. They may work on a retainer or commission. A recruiter may also act as a headhunter or have other people come to them for job outreach. They can work in a range of different areas, but the work itself remains fairly similar in almost any role. 


The Process of Recruitment

Recruiters primarily work for their clients, although they benefit numerous people with their efforts and outreach. Their process generally consists of being notified of an open position, posting the job, finding great candidates, presenting top candidates, following through with the client interview stage, facilitating a job offer, and remaining in contact to follow up and recommend top performers. 


Open Position Awareness

Each staffing agency and recruiter generally follow a similar process that begins with becoming aware of a need to fill a particular role with a company. A client calls with a position they need assistance filling, and recruiters collect the pertinent details they need to begin filling the role. Their deep dive efforts include research on interview questions, salary range, role benefits, company benefits, the reason for the open position, management styles, vacation, needed soft and hard skills, advancement opportunities, and the start date.  


Job Posting

After collecting all of the pertinent information, recruiters post open positions on relevant job boards, their company website, and possibly social media sites. They also reach out to network connections to determine if any excellent candidates are searching for work.


Candidates Outreach

A typical job posting can receive upwards of 250 applications. Recruiters need to evaluate each resume to identify the best candidates that possess the desired soft and hard skills of the employer. Then, they reach out for interviews to further gauge how qualified these candidates are and to gain information not provided in the resume before connecting them to the business owner.


Candidate Presentations

After deciding on the best matches based on experience and personality, and if the candidate remains interested, the recruiter will connect them with the employer. The recruiter will discuss each top-tier candidate with their client in-depth, talking through career aspirations, work experiences, and reasons for their classification as top-tier for the role. 


Client Interview Stage

Business owners are busy people, frequently managing large teams and a full schedule. An excellent recruiter recognizes and adapts to this, scheduling interviews in advance to best accommodate all schedules involved. This accommodation helps keep the hiring process as succinct as possible. After an interview, the recruiter collects feedback from the client and the candidate to continuously work on perfecting their craft and providing excellent service.


Job Offer Facilitation 

After the employer extends an official offer to their chosen candidate, the recruiter becomes the sounding board for both parties. They facilitate negotiations and work to keep the process seamless, which includes letting other candidates know the role was filled and participating in the onboarding process. The onboarding process can include providing the employee with first-day details and support. 

Working with recruiters involves paying them for their services if they find the right person for the job, with the client making final decisions on hiring. Fees vary among industries, agencies, and kinds of roles, with fees calculated as a percentage of the employee’s first-year salary or as a dollar value. 


Contact Maintenance

After the business owner extends an official offer and the candidate begins their employee roles, a recruiter will continue to follow up with the employee and client at various times, including on the employee’s first work day, at the end of a probation period, and at the end of the employee’s first month in the role. They want to respond to any problems that may arise, such as concerns from the employee or client they may have been hesitant to voice to one another early on. 


Should I Hire a Recruiter?

A recruiter’s deep research, effective outreach, and adherent mediation of various interviewing hiring, and onboarding processes make them worth it to hire. It’s worth it to outsource your recruiting, especially in the current job market that’s rife with high turnovers, unfilled job openings, acquisition challenges, and changing candidate expectations. They go above and beyond to satisfy your needs and yield lasting results. You can save time and money while benefiting from expert knowledge, faster hiring, full support, and a more competitive edge.


Business Owners Working With Recruiters

If you’re a business owner looking for your next great hire, you need to know about recruiters and how they can be a game-changer. For help securing the best employees, connect with Brightwing today.

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