What Defines Employment Verification?

When you’re taking the chance of hiring someone, you’ll want to know who they are and where they’ve worked, which involves knowing the details of employment verification. Employment verification is used to make sure that your potential hire and their skills and background align with your business’s culture, needs, and trajectory. At Brightwing, our mission is to find your team a perfect match. With our three-stage qualification process, we’ll ensure that your new candidate is prepared to join your team. We take employment verification seriously, so that your business has only the most qualified employees. 

Verification of Employment

The process of verification of employment consists of multiple different parts. When you choose Brightwing, you’re leaving this involved process to us, so you can focus on your business. Verification of employment includes certifying candidates’ past forms of employment to make sure that they are qualified to work for you. It also may include dates of employment, salary information, and job role details. Employment verification can also entail conducting background checks on your prospective candidates. We’ll go into the importance of background checks later on, but for now, let’s explore why employment verification is crucial as you look for new team members. 

Importance of Verification of Employment

At Brightwing, our expert recruiters are highly knowledgeable in their field of specialization. They know what to look for when finding the best candidates for your company. Since our recruiters are experienced in IT, engineering and design, financial services, and operations, they are prepared to look at the fine details of verification of employment for your potential candidates. Unfortunately, sometimes, candidates may falsify information they provide on their resumes or CVs. At Brightwing, our purpose is to make sure that a candidate’s information is correct. 

Employee Verification

When we conduct employee verification, we ensure that your candidates’ credentials are true and up to par. We may contact a candidate’s past employer to double-check that they worked there, and what the details of their past role were. By doing so, employment verification determines how a candidate’s past job experience aligns with your business needs. When you choose Brightwing for employee verification, you can find out details about your candidate before you even meet them. Employee verification can also save your company time and money. Instead of finding out that your new employee falsified their credentials and is unqualified for a job, hiring professional employee verification will save you from having to hire someone again on such short notice. This includes running a background check on your candidates before you hire them.

How Does a Background Check Verify Employment?

Background checks are a crucial part of the employee verification process. A background check can take between 48 hours and five business days, which is a small time to wait to ensure that your business receives a high-quality and skilled candidate. There are many parts that make up the answer to “How does a background check verify employment?”, so let’s go through each one:

Employment History

Checking your candidate’s employment history guarantees that the candidate provided their true qualifications on their application. This also certifies that their past jobs and experience align with what you’re looking for in a potential hire. But how does a background check verify employment? During a background check, we may contact the candidate’s past employers to confirm that they did work there and that they had the role that they provided. This step is vital, after all, we want your candidates to be more than prepared for your company’s needs. 

Education History

As part of a background check, we can confirm the details of your candidate’s education. Details like what college they went to, their GPA, and even transcripts may appear during a background check, to verify that your candidate’s academic training aligns with your job listing. A strong and consistent academic record can indicate success in the corporate world, as well as previous work experience. 

Criminal Records

Background checks also include finding out if your candidate has any prior convictions, either misdemeanors or felonies. Depending on the state, however, there are restrictions on what and how far back an employer can look for prior convictions. At Brightwing, we handle the details of your candidate’s background check so you can continue to focus on your business. We understand the importance of making sure that your candidates are cleared to work for your company.

Credit Reports

Although we won’t see a candidate’s credit score, we can get a number of details from a credit report that can help us determine if they’re suitable for a role. A bad credit report may indicate that the candidate is irresponsible or in financial distress. A credit report can detail debt, open lines of credit, missed payments, and more. For a role that requires good organization, a good credit report can help us find responsible candidates.

This list isn’t exhaustive, but it highlights the most common aspects of a background check. By answering “How does a background check verify employment?”, we’ve shown that verification of employment is an important part of the hiring process. By allowing a professional recruiting firm such as Brightwing to conduct background checks, we can finely sift through the details of your candidates’ past experience. 

Choosing a professional talent acquisition firm such as Brightwing allows you to focus on your business while we handle the verification of employment. Employment verification ensures that we find you top-notch candidates with skills and experience that match your company’s needs. By confirming their past professional roles, education, and background, we provide your business with candidates ready to handle the job. Our goal is to increase job posting awareness, manage the hiring process, and increase retention rates, all while you focus on your business. At Brightwing, our expert recruiters have training in many different fields and are skilled in the hiring process. Our experts will work with you and your business closely so that we find only the best matches for your job postings and company culture.