Finding the right human resources specialist for your workplace can feel like a daunting task. HR plays an essential role in every company’s operations, so filling those roles can be a difficult task. With the right strategy, however, it does not have to be.

This article will discuss how to hire human resources experts for your team. It will cover the different steps in the HR hiring process, what traits to look for, and why Brightwing may be right for your staffing needs. 

How to Start Your HR Hiring Process

Identifying your ideal candidate is one of the first steps in any recruitment plan. Knowing exactly what you are looking for from a human resources specialist will make the hiring process much easier. After you understand your ideal candidate, you can get started with the first few steps in your hiring process

Write an Accurate Job Description

When you plan to hire human resources professionals, make sure that your ideal candidate is reflected in your job description. Clearly outline the responsibilities of the position, as well as any desired requirements and qualifications. Accurately describe your company culture and brand so that candidates know whether they might be a good fit. The more descriptive and clear you are in the job description, the better applications you will receive. 

Advertise and Recruit

After you’ve written the job description, the next step is to begin outreach. Publish your job opening and advertise it. Post on social media, attend job fairs, and even ask your employees to evaluate their personal networks for potential candidates. You could also work with a recruiting firm like Brightwing. Recruiters match clients with candidates who fit your job description and company culture.  

Analyze Resumes and Applications

Before you begin the interview process, be sure to carefully analyze the resumes and applications that you receive. You can enlist the help of other HR professionals who already work with you to help review resumes, or you can use AI programming methods to select the resumes that best match your job description. 

Once you’ve selected the resumes that best match your job descriptions, move forward to the interview process. If you decide to work with a staffing agency like Brightwing, resume matching and initial interviews will be taken care of for you.

What to Look for in a Human Resources Specialist

There are a number of reasons why you may be looking to hire a human resources specialist. Human resources personnel handle many different tasks, like supervising payroll or maintaining development programs for employees. No matter the reason you need to hire an HR professional, there are a few factors that make for an excellent new HR hire.  


When you hire human resources team members, one key attribute to consider is organizational skills. Being detail-oriented and on top of your work is an essential trait for any HR professional. There is a great deal of information to keep track of, including federal and state employment regulations, company policies, employee benefits, and more. Some HR professionals are in charge of interviewing job applicants, so having an understanding of the company’s needs when it comes to hiring is also important. 


One major element of human resources is staying in touch with the rest of a company’s employees. Good communication skills are a must. The better an HR hire is at communicating effectively, the fewer misunderstandings or conflicts will occur. For smooth company operations, everyone must be aligned with goals and expectations. Human resources plays a large part in that understanding. 

Empathy and Kindness

Conflict resolution is a common part of HR’s responsibilities and empathy, kindness, and understanding are essential for fulfilling this responsibility. Discussions surrounding workplace arguments or poor treatment, layoffs, and other issues can arise. Having empathy and a kind approach in these situations can help an HR employee do their job well. 

How to Hire the Right Human Resources Expert

When it comes to hiring a human resources specialist, stick to your recruitment plan. During your interview process, ask leading questions that pertain to both company culture and potential situations that may arise for a human resources professional. Consider a second round of interviews if necessary. The human resources team member must fit the current needs of your company as well as the company’s future objectives. 

The BRIGHTview Process

The BRIGHTview process is the tried and true recruitment process created by Brightwing to match clients and candidates for the ideal employer/employee pairing. The process is extremely thorough and works best when employers and job seekers alike are ambitious, disciplined, and committed to reaching their full potential. 

This process allows the Brightwing team to gain a deeper understanding of their clients and candidates. Gaining deep insight leads to better matching strategies. Better matching strategies lead to reduced cycle time, higher retention rates, and higher employee productivity from day one. BRIGHTview helps the team at Brightwing offer employers a carefully selected, short list of candidates who fit the job description to a T. The goal is to make both the job search and the employee search easier and more successful. When you are looking to hire human resources team members, you can trust the BRIGHTview process to match you with your ideal candidates

Work with Brightwing

Human resources hiring is made easier with Brightwing. With the BRIGHTview process, you can rest easy knowing that the ideal candidates for your human resources position are being selected for you. Whether you’re in Metro Detroit, Dallas-Fort Worth, or South Florida, Brightwing is here to help you find the best candidate for the job. 

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