The job market is always evolving. Understanding the recruitment market is essential for job seekers and employers alike. For employers, this is the best way to attract desirable candidates; for job seekers, it’s the best way to gain an advantage over others and to understand the goals of prospective employers. Whether you are an employer looking for new ideas, or a candidate trying to understand the market, this article provides insight into current recruitment trends. 

AI and Technology

The reality of our world is that artificial intelligence is here to stay. Many people speak about AI as if it is something we should be scared of, a concept that should scare job-seekers and businesses alike. Instead of living in fear, the power of AI can be utilized to help your business. Recruitment trends illustrate growth in the use of AI for hiring purposes. Different types of AI programming can sort resumes and cover letters by keywords or experience. Others can make job openings more accessible to potential candidates.

AI operates best when properly trained. Incorrect programming can lead to biases in recruitment, which is harmful to both business and opportunity. Ensure that your team understands the basics of AI training and usage before implementing it into your recruiting system. 

AI is not the only new technology to make its way into recruitment. Other forms of technology and automation like personality surveys and predictive analytic programs have brought us into the future of recruiting. Personality surveys have emerged as a way for recruiters to find candidates who will fit in with a company’s culture. Analytics and data processing have assisted HR departments in discovering hiring trends within their company. 

Hybrid and Remote Work

Forbes’ article on 2024 recruitment trends discusses a surge in hybrid and remote jobs. Since 2020, there has been a rise in remote work that is here to stay. A majority of job seekers are looking for flexible schedules and, at the very least, a hybrid position. One of many successful recruitment ideas has been to embrace these hybrid and remote opportunities. Jobs in content writing, editing, IT, accounting, and others can all be accomplished remotely, at least in part. 

As a result, this rise of remote and hybrid job opportunities has created a shift in in-office work. The physical workplace now requires more intention to draw employees in. Business leaders and HR roles are shifting to include job responsibilities that involve creating meaningful moments for workers to come together as one. Face-to-face connection and conversation in the office must be done with more purpose. 

Virtual Recruiting

Technology has created a future of recruiting where in-person job interviews are becoming a rarity. Onboarding and hiring trends have illustrated that almost 70% of hiring companies complete at least some of their recruitment processes virtually. Completely virtual recruiting trends are on the rise. 

Virtual recruiting can take many forms. One common form of virtual recruitment comes in the form of video interviews, such as a live video call between a candidate and a recruiter. Other video interviews prompt the candidate with a question, which they must film themselves answering. 

Targeted Ads and Job Marketing

Finding critical talent right now is like finding a needle in a haystack: nearly impossible. Many businesses are looking for recruitment ideas to aid them in reaching these potential candidates. Marketing open positions at your company is one of the best ways to attract talent to your business. 

To market your company’s open positions you must define your ideal candidate, clarify the benefits of the position and your company, and cast your net out into the world of job seekers. Submit open job postings to websites like Indeed, or make position announcements on LinkedIn. You can also create SEO-optimized content and targeted advertisements that will bring more candidates to your company. 

Empathy and DEI

Recruitment trends point to job seekers having a strong interest in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at their potential new workplaces. Care and respect for the individual, as well as diversity and an unbiased workplace, are key to bringing in new hires. The future of recruiting means embracing these concepts, which are built to better your company as a whole. Candidates want to feel cared for and respected as human beings. Showing them this respect can truly open doors for recruitment opportunities, especially with young candidates. When you search for recruitment support outside of your own business, search for recruiters who can also embody empathy. 

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