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Helping people is our top priority as recruiters. We do it better than other firms because we’re obsessed with understanding our candidates.


Brightwing recruiters want to know who you are and what you want. We will not try to shoehorn you into whatever job we have available.


It’s not just lip service. We actually measure and actively improve on your experience as a candidate.


We ask for feedback from each and every candidate using Great Recruiters, an independent platform that continuously collects and analyzes candidate reviews. We ask questions like – was your recruiter genuine? responsive? transparent? Were they an expert in your industry? Did they act as an advisor?


To say we’re proud of the results is an understatement.

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what brightwing candidates say

victor stesiak reviews

"I had applied online to a position, and Victor contacted me personally to let me know that the position was already filled. This is, in my experience, extremely rare, but highly appreciated. He then took the time to speak with me, to understand the backstory, the things that are not easy to express in a resume, with the goal of identifying future opportunities that may be right for me. As a job seeker, Victor's work with me has been exemplary."

— IT Manager in Michigan

kimberly niemiec review

"Kimberly is the most outstanding recruiter that I have ever dealt with. Talking with her made me feel that she is trustworthy, honest, detail oriented, and very dedicated to her work. Kimberly, you are a STAR. I am looking forward to continuing my job searching."

— Design Release Engineer in Michigan

adriana michaels reviews

"Adriana was very good describing her company and how they recruit and work with the candidates and clients. She understood what I was looking for in a new position and how my current skills and experience would fit for one of her clients. I liked how she was very quick in her response and timing to set up a conference call to talk about what I am looking for in a new position."

— CFO in Michigan

chelsea santoro reviews

"Chelsea is a good listener, and provided me with feedback that is both positive and practical. I look forward to working with Chelsea to find the first job to begin my engineering career."

— Recent college graduate with a degree in Engineering

maren morris recruiter reviews

"Maren was very nice, patient, and personable. Made it very easy to talk to her and she gave great advice about my resume. Helped me to get a better opportunity."

— Product Design Engineer in Detroit

will foss reviews

"What I like about Will is that he reached out to me based on my skill set and experience as opposed to trying find someone just to fill a role at a company. He found a position that is the perfect match, and he got everything set promptly. In addition, he has prepared me for the interview, as well as set a good idea of what it's like to work at this particular company. It is hard to find good recruiters these says, so I am glad that I'm working with Will."

— IT Project Manager in Dallas - Fort Worth

justin hochstein reviews

"I've worked with Justin on both sides of the desk - hiring manager and candidate. Justin has always been professional and attentive to my needs. Thorough in his vetting. He's one of my few trusted recruiters."

— VP of Technology in Michigan

amber mcglynn reviews

"In my down time for the past several months, I have spoken to many recruiting agencies. In my dealings with most of them, my experiences seemed very routine and mundane. However, Amber was a cut above and different in the fact that she made me feel that I was a priority, the main focus of her attention, and willing to move forward with potential opportunities. This experience was a breath of fresh air and I am excited to work with Brightwing (Amber) and having them assist me in my job search."

— IT Leader in Dallas - Fort Worth

julia powell reviews

"I enjoyed speaking with Julia. I've spoken to a number of pushy, catch-phrase using people who just seem to assume I'll be onboard with them because they might have a job for me. Julia gets the industry. She gets it, and she is a pleasure to speak to. She's a keeper!"

— Engineer in Michigan

mike gourley reviews

"Mike was very attentive and worked with companies to find the right spot for me in the area where I would shine. He made sure I was aware of what was going on and always answered when I called. When he was out, he made sure that someone else followed up with me to make sure I was still in the loop. Thank you, Mike, for all of your help and hard work!"

— Electrical Test Engineer in Detroit


what to expect



We discover the basic details of both our candidates and clients.

Every firm does this. Most firms don’t do much more. For Brightwing, this is only the very beginning.

Here’s a shocking statement: we will not shoehorn candidates into job orders or squeeze roles to fit our top-of-mind talent.

Instead of starting our conversation by asking “how do your needs fit the candidate I already want to sell you,” we spend time learning about your goals, culture, and trajectory. Our candidate relationships don’t start with “how does your skill set match the one I already need?” It’s only by taking a truly consultative approach that we can deliver the best (and longest lasting) value to both our clients and candidates.

Sometimes it’s hard to see yourself as clearly as other people see you.

So the Brightwing team goes for multiple perspectives: we call coworkers, bosses, or mentors for every single candidate we submit. We perform assessments. We flesh out the details in order to understand and predict outcomes better.

Thanks to our experienced team, there’s no need to choose between quality and speed.

Pairing process with intuition, we achieve the win-win-win: for our client, our candidate, and ourselves.


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