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When faced with an urgent need for specific technical expertise, our clients turn to us to land expert, hard-to-find engineering talent.


Brightwing has a deep network of the best engineering talent in the country, and a legacy of satisfying clients in the automotive, aerospace, and medical device spaces. We’ll be your unfair advantage, helping you attract and hire top talent ahead of your competitors.


We recruit for electrical and mechanical engineering design, development, and testing & validation.. We focus on:


→  Embedded systems development

→  Automotive electronic systems (vehicle electrification, ADAS, Infotainment, telematics, vehicle controls, battery management systems, power electronics, etc.)

→  Automotive mechanical engineering (body components, interior, seating, HVAC, engine systems, dimensional, chassis, durability, CAE, HMI, etc.)

→  Hardware engineering (PCB & FPGA design)

→  IoT

→  Industrial engineering

→  Manufacturing engineering

→  Process engineering

→  Cost engineering

Our interview-to-hire rate exceeds the national average by

37 %

Our submittal-to-hire ratio for many clients is

1 :1

Average experience of each Brightwing team member is

14 years

what candidates say about our recruiters

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Maren - 1
metro detroit engineer recruiter

"Maren has done an excellent job listening to what I want, and not (as many other recruiters have) pigeonholing me to a single job she thinks lines up well with my resume. I appreciate the communication, willingness to work, and apparent effort Maren has put in to this point, and at this point I have no reason to believe that will cease."

— Validation Engineer in Detroit

Kimberly - 1
metro detroit engineer recruiter

"My interaction with Kimberly was incredibly pleasant. She managed to keep things brief but informative and left me with the confidence that she knows my industry and the area well and has the right connections for my needs!"

— Entry-Level Engineer in Michigan

Jordan - 1
metro detroit engineer recruiter

"Jordan was friendly and asked questions to get an understanding of my experience level. He seemed to match my past experiences and knowledge with the idea of a position that brought great interest to me. I am excited for the next steps in the process."

— Maintenance Engineer in Detroit

Julia - 1
metro detroit engineer recruiter

"Julia is the best recruiter that you can work with. She is very passionate about the job she does which in turn helps to find others job as well. She always responds to phone calls, emails which not many recruiters will do. I have worked with a bunch of recruiters and I am 100% happy to say that she is the best in Michigan. Employee's like Julia are gold dust for the company and is priceless."

— Engineer in Michigan

Mike - 1
metro detroit engineer recruiter

"Every experience I had with Mike was phenomenal. He was able to understand what it was I was looking for in a job and hunt down interesting positions at places I would never have before considered. With his help I was able to land several interviews. I previously never considered working with a recruiter before but Mike has changed that view of mine."

— Project Engineer in Michigan

Maren - 2
metro detroit engineer recruiter

"I have had only positive interactions with Maren. The first few days we were in contact she sent me three job descriptions which was much more than I expected. She was very good at listening about what I want in a job and she always ends conversations on a very positive note.'

— Powertrain Engineer in Michigan

Kimberly - 2
metro detroit engineer recruiter

"Kimberly handled my scenario in a professional and very timely manner. Made everything from the initial interview through the final offer smooth and very positive overall. This enabled less stress on me during the interview process which was key in enabling me to deliver effective, methodical responses during the interview process."

— Body Component Engineer in Detroit

Jordan - 2
metro detroit engineer recruiter

"We had a really nice chat. He told me about a position, then he inquired about my past work experience, and after thought I would be a good fit for this position. While chatting I thought he was very kind and professional, and followed up with emails as promised. It was a nice experience."

— Electrical Technician in Michigan

Julia - 2
metro detroit engineer recruiter

"Julia is just a wonderful person to talk and deal with. She has an amazing knowledge of the industry. Her advice in my job search as well as where I am currently at was priceless. Too bad there aren't more recruiters like Julia because a lot of people would be placed in better jobs. I would recommend her to anyone. There really isn't enough praise or great things to say about her; she is that good (world class)."

— Quality Assurance Engineer in Detroit

Mike -2
metro detroit engineer recruiter

"Mike understood every minute detail of what I was looking for and helped me realize how important finding the right opportunity is. You want to be happy and he listens and advises what's best for you. He is positive, friendly and wants the best for you. Reach out to him and he will help you find the right job or at least guide you in the right direction."

— Systems Engineer in Detroit

what to expect:



We discover the basic details of both our candidates and clients.

Every firm does this. Most firms don’t do much more. For Brightwing, this is only the very beginning.


Here’s a shocking statement: we will not shoehorn candidates into job orders or squeeze roles to fit our top-of-mind talent.

Instead of starting our conversation by asking “how do your needs fit the candidate I already want to sell you,” we spend time learning about your goals, culture, and trajectory. Our candidate relationships don’t start with “how does your skill set match the one I already need?” It’s only by taking a truly consultative approach that we can deliver the best (and longest lasting) value to both our clients and candidates.


Sometimes it’s hard to see yourself as clearly as other people see you.

So the Brightwing team goes for multiple perspectives: we call coworkers, bosses, or mentors for every single candidate we submit. We perform assessments. We flesh out the details in order to understand and predict outcomes better.


Thanks to our experienced team, there’s no need to choose between quality and speed.

Pairing process with intuition, we achieve the win-win-win: for our client, our candidate, and ourselves.

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Direct Placement
Contract Staffing
MSP Support
Executive/Retained Search
Project-Based Recruitment
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Direct Placement
direct placement

We’re not in the business of flooding your inbox with (often irrelevant) resumes. We work hard to understand your needs and goals, your culture and management styles, and your teams and role requirements. That way, we can confidently deliver 2 or 3 or 4 candidates that would make the right fit for you.

We’re committed to finding you the right match for your role and helping you close and onboard them because we know that organizational success depends on each team member’s success.

Contract Staffing
contract staffing

Our contractor staff are bolstered by industry-leading compensation and benefits packages, as well as unsurpassed staff support. Our contractors have a reputation for finishing what they start and more, as evidenced by our industry-leading contractor tenure rate (2.4 years!)

MSP Support
msp support

We’ve supported high-volume programs and delivered highly productive staff in the automotive industry since the early 2000s. We identify, source, and submit only the most qualified candidates, supporting them through the interview process, onboarding, and throughout their average 2.4 year-long placement (an industry-leading tenure rate).

Executive/Retained Search
executive/retained search

It’s hard to find leaders who are not only skilled and experienced, but also capable of propelling your business forward.

It’s even harder to recover after a bad leadership choice.

By interviewing stakeholders and analyzing each partner organization’s goals and management culture, we’ve successfully recruited key individuals for our clients for more than 47 years. We can help you find and attract those leaders who can define and activate your organization’s potential.

Project-Based Recruitment
project-based recruitment

We make our clients’ recruitment lifecycle faster and more efficient. Our project-based recruiting solutions are custom-built around your organization’s talent needs. In partnership with your HR leaders and hiring managers, we deliver the right candidates that will ultimately drive bottom-line results.

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