Adding new members to your business team is a daunting task. Hiring marketing professionals can feel especially tough because it may be hard to find someone who knows how to appeal to your target audience and who connects with the rest of the team. With the right tools at your disposal, however, finding the right marketing professionals does not have to be difficult. 

This article will cover how to find the right marketing hire for your company. 

When Are You Ready to Hire a Marketer?

When it comes to hiring critical talent in today’s market, it is important to be prepared. When you plan to hire a marketing team that will fit the needs of your business and support your objectives, especially as a startup, take these steps to ensure that you are ready:  

How Much is There to Handle?

Bringing on a full-time marketing hire is a big decision, especially for a company that has not worked with a marketing team in the past. You must take all facets of your business into account. Are you hiring a marketing professional simply to alleviate workload? Or because a marketing professional will be able to understand certain processes and issues that you don’t? 

If you feel your business is lacking marketing support, and that hiring a marketing professional would truly be a value-add, consider moving forward with your decision to look for a new hire. But you must scope the responsibilities of what a marketing professional or marketing team will be expected to do before hiring. 

Making a Recruitment Plan

Putting together a recruitment plan is the best way to prepare yourself to hire a marketing team. Here are a couple of essential steps to help you find the right marketing hire: 

Identify Your Ideal Candidate

Before you hire a marketer, make sure you know exactly what you are looking for. Set clear expectations for the type of person you are hoping to add to your team. The definition of your ideal candidate will impact your budget, marketing strategy, and more. If you are looking to add someone to your marketing team for a full-time position, that will look very different than looking for temporary or part-time employees. Clearly outline the position’s requirements, keeping in mind company culture as well. Your ideal candidate will not only succeed at the job itself, but also effectively blend with the rest of your team.  

Budget Recruitment Costs

Recruiting always has a cost. If you have documentation of your previous costs-per-hire, you can work to reduce that average figure. This requires streamlining your hiring process. 

Some of the highest costs in recruitment come from advertising, branding, and background checks. Bad hires can also result in large expenses; the cost of a bad hire can be as much as a third of that employee’s salary. Working with a staffing agency like Brightwing is a great way to reduce recruitment costs.  

What to Look for in Marketers for Hire

Knowing what to look for in a marketing hire is pivotal to finding the right fit for your team. Here are some traits to look for:

Understanding of the Customer

One key trait of a good marketing team is an understanding of the customers your business serves. Knowledge of target demographics and audiences will help your marketing team excel. During the interview process, ask your candidates what they know about purchasing behaviors for specific audiences your business is targeting. 

Multichannel Experience

With so many ways to reach consumers in the 21st century, make sure your marketing candidates have an understanding of and experience with multiple marketing channels. Social media, email, print sheets, targeted advertisements, and other forms of media are all key to reaching your audiences. Ensure your prospective marketing candidates know how to properly allocate budget and strategically market to different target audiences across multiple platforms and channels. 

Creative and Scientific

Hire a marketer who understands that marketing is both an art and a science. A marketing professional should be creative and know how to create visually engaging campaigns. They should also understand that trends are driven by data and research. The right marketer should be both creatively and strategically motivated, creating strong marketing campaigns through proper analysis of media and trends. 

Work with a Staffing Agency

Staffing agencies work to match candidates with hiring companies and minimize the search time for both parties. Find a marketing professional for your team utilizing a staffing agency like Brightwing in order to relieve yourself of candidate-searching stress and find the best additions to your team. Additionally, agencies make it much less costly to find the right marketing hire. Cut back on initial hiring and advertising costs, and reduce the risk of turnover costs. 

Brightwing is committed to finding the best candidates for your available positions. That means matching you with marketers who are committed and intentional about their work. Staffing agencies like us increase employee retention rates because of the quality of our candidates. 

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