Checking in on the progress you’ve made toward accomplishing set goals is just as important as setting those goals in the first place.

That’s exactly what Brightwing’s first annual Mini Summit set out to do. 

Our full-sized Annual Summit takes place in January; this event includes two days of annual meetings, SWOT analyses, goal setting, and team building activities. The Mini Summit has a similar agenda, just in a half-day format. 

This year’s Mini Summit Agenda included: 

  • Our Quarterly Meeting 
  • A tie-breaker game to decide the winner of July’s Link Up Cup, our Q3 storytelling contest focused on “relationshipping”
  • An all-company viewing of Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk on body language with smaller breakout groups for discussion
  • An AI experiment 
  • Lunch 

The Annual Summit in January underscored the importance of involving all employees in company strategy, preparing the environment for open and honest communication, maximizing feedback quality with group discussions, acting on solicited feedback, and having fun. These same lessons did not go unreflected during the Mini-Summit. 

The idea of the event itself came from team feedback. Numerous employees expressed their desire for a small-scale summit sometime in the summer months as a way to keep the momentum from the Annual Summit alive and to assess progress made on goals set at the beginning of the year. 

And, as the Summits always go, the Mini Summit served as a good dose of fun.

After a review of our Q2 performance and financials, our team got to witness an epic Link Up Cup competition showdown. 

Brightwing’s “Link Up Cup” is a competition focused on “relationshipping.” At Brightwing, relationshipping is about creating lasting and meaningful connections with others every day, and understanding that relationships = opportunities.

The Link Up Cup asks Brightwingers to share the best relationshipping stories from the month, whether they did the relationshipping themselves or they witnessed it.

We were divided into teams, and each team submitted their relationshipping highlights. 

During the first round of the Link Up Cup, two teams submitted the same story (each from a different perspective). Since there can only be one winner, both teams had to compete head-to-head in a modified version of “The Newlywed Game,” where one teammate had to predict a choice another teammate would make. The two teams battled neck-in-neck to the bitter end, when one overtook the lead with a correct answer to the tie-breaker.

Our last activity of the day included AI-experimentation. Brightwingers were separated into teams and asked to create a Brightwing theme song using the artificial intelligence chatbot of their choice.

While some teams rose to the occasion and successfully navigated the nuances of AI to create beautiful, heartwarming compositions, other teams fell flat. Needless to say, when teams reconvened to share their theme songs, there was no shortage of laughter. 

If this Mini-Summit proved anything, it is that our Summits, big or bite-sized, boost morale, team cohesiveness and the drive to finish the year strong.

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