Fake it til you make it? Please. No need for that. With online learning sites and videos, a lot of information and in depth educational materials are available for free. The flipside? If you have been looking for an eye catching way to display your skills, teaching your specialty to eager online learners can help establish you as a subject matter expert and enhance your personal brand.  The following sites provide a sea of knowledge, and a reputable platform for teaching to the masses for FREE!! If you have tried them out, please share your stories!

Skillshare is focused on learning and teaching anything from anyone, anywhere. They believe that not only is everyone capable of learning, but that every person is a teacher. If you are very good at what you do professionally or recreationally, you can teach it here and it only takes minutes to get started. What’s more is that you can also browse through classes to find one that is interesting to you.

Another platform to share your skills other than Skillshare is YouTube. You can create your own channel, film and share the tutorials with your social network. You are able to learn to do almost anything, like how to curl your hair.

Started in 2008, Khan Academy is on a mission to provide free, world class education to anyone, anywhere. You are able to explore Math, Science, IT and History from introductory to advanced lessons, perfect for learning a new topic. I have taken the French Revolution class as a nice little refresher. Great course, interesting teacher, and I always left wanting macarons.

Codecademy is made up of a group of self proclaimed “hackers” who want to teach the world to not only use technology, but create. This site teaches you how to code most of the popular languages that are out there. I myself am not a computer whiz, but I have started learning Python, and if I can do it anyone can. If you would like to see an incredible video as to why we should code and not just consume, please listen to Mr. Bill Gates.

Higher education heavy hitters, MIT and Harvard, have decided to use their powers for good. They have enlisted several high ranked colleges and universities to teach a few online courses for free. FREE. The classes range from Humanities, Global Issues, Engineering, IT, Healthcare, and Law. If are in, or are passed college education level, these introductory courses are in depth, interesting and fulfilling.

I know my anecdote about eating macarons was thought provoking, but we would love to hear how you have, or do, use these sites! Pass the word along and remember the words of Oscar Wilde: “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”