Facebook: How to Use Social Media to Get a Job


You may not think of Facebook as a job seeking tool, but we must not forget how large its reach is. Data by Statista reveals that the amount of Facebook users only continues to increase over the years with over 1.8 billion active users currently. This is the best platform to show off your personality which is crucial in today’s market.



5 Simple Ways to Help your Job Search on Facebook:



1. Get Help from Your Friends

There’s nothing wrong with saying, “I’m looking for a new career opportunity in Software Engineering. Does anyone have any suggestions?” – Or something along those lines. Most people have at least 100 friends on Facebook, and when you think about the network your friends have, you can reach thousands of people.



facebook2. “Like” Companies You’re Interested In

“Liking” a company on Facebook can help your job search in more than one way. One obvious advantage is being able see all of their status updates, many of which may be about job openings. It’ll also keep you in the loop of any industry news, or current events that will facilitate you getting your foot in the door. If anything, a simple “like” also shows appreciation for what the company does.




3. Use Facebook Job Searching Apps

Some companies are starting to implement convenient job search apps that can be used on their profile. You’re likely already utilizing Facebook socially, so why not check out job openings while you’re at it?



4. Join and Get Active in Groups

Join alumni groups, job searching groups, and any common interest group that might post job openings. Some companies might even create their own groups that are dedicated to their own job postings.




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