The Power of Company Culture in Your Talent Acquisition Strategy


If you build it, they will come. An excellent company culture goes a long way in attracting candidates, and at a time when chasing talent for weeks and months on end is the norm, it can make all the difference in landing the right professionals quickly. According to a survey of over 615,000 Glassdoor users, culture is the workplace factor that matters most to employees, ranking well above compensation. But building a great culture is only part of the battle. Let’s take a look at the power of an outstanding company culture and how to leverage it to improve your talent acquisition strategy.



How a Great Company Culture Attracts Candidates

It’s not necessary to reach the heights of Google or Facebook before your company culture can attract candidates and boost the hiring process. As consumers, we are increasingly seeking out reviews and the opinions of peers for even the smallest of purchases. Job seekers approach career opportunities the same way, which is a major reason culture is so vital to talent acquisition.


Positive word of mouth cannot be bought. If your employees truly enjoy their workplace environment and being around their coworkers, they tell their family, friends, and professional peers. A great culture creates an army of promoters who sing your praises when the inevitable “so how’s work been?” conversations arise. When your employees have something positive to respond with, it resonates with those working within subpar cultures. As 60% of today’s talent are passive job seekers, a contagious culture becomes an effective tool for capturing their attention.


Whether or not they are tipped off by a current employee, candidates considering applying for a role with your organization are assessing company culture right away. If they see positive signs everywhere they turn, from your Facebook page, to your website, down to your hallways and amenities if they have come in for an interview, then their desire to work for you grows. Existing employees who go out of their way to introduce themselves, along with those in the background who are clearly enjoying their jobs, make a big difference.



What Makes a Great Culture?

Company culture is made up of the dynamic between employees and their surroundings, but improving culture takes more than just remodeling a break room. A great company culture equates to a sense of comradery, acceptance, and encouragement. Opportunities for team building and collaboration should be abundant. Likewise, fostering a healthy work-life balance where employees feel in control of their day rather than confined to rigid procedures helps increase employee engagement, which in turn can make a business 21% more profitable.


Finally, a desired company culture is one that allows employees to grow in their careers. 87% of Millennials and 69% of other generations rate professional development and career growth opportunities as very important. Businesses that focus on career pathing, implement professional development, and check in with employees regularly can improve engagement and contribute to a positive culture.



How to Spread the Word

Building a fantastic culture isn’t something to be quiet about. While your employees will generate positive word of mouth, you will want to take action to see the biggest impact on your talent acquisition strategy. Since 79% of job seekers utilize social media in their job search, show off your culture on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Sharing fun images from events like monthly lunches, awards ceremonies, or weekly bowling leagues is a good start, but also consider showcasing the everyday things that make your culture great.


Further, take a hard look at your website. Does it accurately represent your awesome culture and environment? Is it regularly updated with new videos, photos, and blogs that recap the events going on in your office? And does it reflect community or charity involvement? Job seekers will undoubtedly be combing through your website when deciding whether or not to apply for one of your roles. When they find signs of an excellent culture, they will be much more interested in working with you.



The Power of Company Culture in Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

An outstanding company culture, when leveraged, can provide numerous benefits to your organization. Not only will it help attract the professionals you need most, but it will ensure that your current employees perform at their highest level since engaged employees are 60% less likely to make an error. With the potential for thriving productivity and a flourishing talent acquisition strategy, it’s not hard to see why so many organizations are placing an emphasis on improving culture.


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