Brightwing has overcome the “recruiter stereotype.” The stereotype that characterizes recruiters as pushy, selfish, and deceitful (among other things). On July 18th, 2023 Brightwing was named a top rated IT and engineering staffing firm by Great Recruiters. 

Great Recruiters is a candidate experience and management platform that solicits and measures feedback from tens of thousands of candidates from hundreds of recruiting firms across the country.

Brightwing earned this distinction by demonstrating success in the following areas: 

  • Capturing real-time feedback from candidates, clients, and placed talent
  • Automating instant action on feedback
  • Measuring & improving organizational performance
  • Promoting success stories and building social proof to elevate their online reputation

What’s more, Brightwing demonstrated this recruiting excellence amid a flooded talent market. IT and engineering companies are in the middle of an arms race for top talent, but abrupt layoffs in the tech sector have flooded the market, making it more difficult to find the most desirable talent. 

“Providing top-notch experiences for our candidates is something Brightwing has, and always will, pride itself on. Great Recruiter’s recognition of this is so gratifying,” said Brightwing Chief Operations Officer Mick Narusch.  

“It is such an honor to be recognized as one of the top IT and engineering staffing firms,” added Jeff Genovich, Brightwing’s President. “We plan to continue to use the Great Recruiters platform to continue to improve our processes.”

About Brightwing

Founded in 1973, Brightwing is a recruiting and staffing agency dedicated to championing human potential. Brightwing serves engineering/design, information technology, finance/accounting, and human resource positions. Brightwing is headquartered in Troy, MI with offices in Plano, TX and Davie, FL.

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