Family-like atmosphere. Open-door communication. Employee growth.

These are the main reasons that Brightwing has been named the overall 10th (out of 100) best place to work in Michigan. In the small company category, Brightwing was named the 5th best place to work.

Of all the listed aspects that make Brightwing the best place to work, one reigned above all others: employee growth. 

In the words of one Brightwinger, “A lot of companies invest in their people – offering up great budgets for training and development. Brightwing does that, but actually goes a step further. Leadership actively coaches us through scenarios that come up day to day to help us approach things differently and better. I’ve found mentors in many of our leaders, in fact – not just in my own boss. Compared to the other companies I’ve worked for, Brightwing’s commitment to instilling leadership skills in each of its people goes unsurpassed.”

Brightwing’s President, Jeff Genovich, shares this sentiment: “We value internal development above almost all else. Every employee comes to Brightwing with potential, and our goal is to take an individualized approach in order to cultivate and realize that potential. We want our employees to take risks, learn, and continue to get better.” 

Though employee growth was the top-cited aspect of Brightwing that makes it a great place to work, family-like atmosphere and open-door communication are just as significant factors.  

As one Brightwinger put it, “People want to work at Brightwing because of the culture and the people. The culture is one that promotes flexibility, work/life balance, collaboration, and employee development. I know these are stereotypical things to say about your workplace, but when it comes to Brightwing these things are true. Brightwing is a people-first organization in the way that, as much as the company values productivity and performance, it values the health and happiness of its employees above all else.”

About Crain’s Best Places to Work

To be considered a best place to work, companies had to participate in Crain’s Best Places to Work in Southeast Michigan Program. This program involves a two-part survey process. The first part consisted of evaluating each nominated company’s workplace policies, practices, philosophy, systems, and demographics. The second part consisted of an employee survey to measure the employee experience. The combined scores determined the top companies and the final rankings. Best Companies Group managed, analyzed, and used the data and their expertise to determine the final rankings.

Crain’s Detroit Business unveiled the rankings of the 2023 Best Places to Work in Southeast Michigan in a special section on August 28.

About Brightwing

Founded in 1973, Brightwing is a recruiting and staffing agency dedicated to championing human potential. Brightwing serves engineering/design, information technology, finance/accounting, and human resource positions. Brightwing is headquartered in Troy, MI with offices in Plano, TX and Davie, FL.

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