Engineering Talent Expert Mike Gourley shares his thoughts on a common interview trap:

I’ve talked to many people that say, okay, the interview was scheduled for 30 minutes. It was a virtual call, and the candidate felt like they had a lot of questions. They were very sensitive of the time.

They didn’t ask those questions because they thought to themselves, “This will only last 30 minutes.”

No one said that, it was just on the calendar for 30 minutes.

Don’t think like that, right?


Making assumptions can be dangerous, especially when interviewing for a job. 


This is your opportunity.

This is just as much for you as it is for the company and for the manager.

So take advantage of it. Keep asking questions.

Let them tell you, “Hey, we don’t have enough time to answer all these. We’d love to talk with you again.” Maybe they’ll want to bring you on site again. 

Don’t let that time frame, or again things that aren’t communicated to you, hold you back from getting what you need to out of the interview.

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