Human resources departments are the lifeblood of every organization. With intentional HR processes comes top talent, better brand reputation, and efficiency. While sourcing talent internally is certainly an option that works for many, unclear processes, finding key talent, and lack of efficiency can lead to unforeseen challenges in the recruitment process. Partnering with talent and recruitment experts like Brightwing will help you optimize your human resource planning – bringing clarity, precision, and efficiency to your recruitment process and getting the right people in the right places at the right time. The right talent partner brings their years of industry expertise to help you optimize your HR strategies.

Industry Insight and Trends

The first step to optimizing HR strategies is understanding the state of the industry in which you work. No two industries are the same, nor are their developments and ongoing trends. However, lessons learned from one industry can be transferable to others. At Brightwing, we leverage our expertise in IT, finance, engineering, and operations to better our recruitment efforts across industries. We have dedicated teams with deep networks in their respective industries, insights that keep us on the cutting edge, and intel that keeps us informed about which organizational strategies offer the most pull for recruitment candidates at all levels of work.

Strategic Workforce and Human Resource Planning

Strategic workforce planning is an HR strategy that sets up your organization for future success by proactively identifying talent needs. It refers to the idea that an organization should take a measured approach to assessing its current and future workforce and the staff and skills it needs and will need. One of the main problems strategic workforce planning attempts to counteract is overstaffing. Experienced recruitment partners like Brightwing understand that sometimes the right pick in the recruiting stage can eliminate unnecessary hires down the line. As partners and advisors, we help you identify your needs and fill them with the right talent.

Talent Pipeline Development

The standard hiring procedure is as follows: open position, recruitment efforts, hiring, and onboarding. The secret to attracting qualified talent and increasing efficiency in the recruitment process is through consistently building and nurturing a talent pool. That means you’re promoting your employer brand even when you’re not hiring. There are some practical organizational strategies to help accomplish this. 

  • Keep active files on suitable candidates even if you do not hire them 
  • Check-in on candidate job statuses periodically
  • Maintain a newsletter that keeps you top of mind with candidates 
  • Create an email list of past candidates (with their consent) to share open job positions

As a recruitment company, Brightwing fosters active relationships with talented and qualified candidates by implementing the above strategies at scale. By working with Brightwing, you gain access to recruiting teams that have deep networks of talented candidates.

Organizational Strategies for Employer Reputation and Branding

Your employer brand plays a disproportionate role in getting job candidates interested in your company. Branding is more than just the HR strategies you take to your marketing team. Your company brand is present in every step of the recruitment process in a tangible way. Candidates should feel that your hiring process is streamlined, professional, and technologically competent. Online forums and websites are flooded with reviews and ratings on products and services in almost any industry you can think of. Therefore, organizations must prioritize the candidate experience when hiring.

One practical way to approach this is by automating simple, repeatable steps. At a relatively small upfront investment in hours, you mitigate the risk of missing small, but enabling, tasks that keep your HR processes streamlined. With automations in place, you’re able to focus on the human part of recruiting – communicating with your candidates frequently with honesty and transparency along the way. If changes like these feel out of reach with your existing HR processes, it may be time to consider upgrading your HR systems to increase capacity and flexibility. 

The Role of the Internet

As mentioned above, the internet plays an ever-growing role in candidate research on a company. Word travels fast and a strong reputation makes the difference between a lack of hiring prospects and a bottomless talent pool. Even though workplace crises are often unavoidable, there is always a choice in how to respond to them. Approach your solutions people-first. Do right by your veteran employees and your newcomers all the same, and commit to standards of equity and inclusion so your employee base feels seen. These are the building blocks of a desirable reputation.

Brightwing helps with this aspect of human resource planning. Our reputation in our industries of expertise comes from our obsession with understanding our employees, clients, and candidates to make the best placements possible for long-lasting retention. We make it clear to our candidates that we hand-pick our clients as we hand-pick our people. We like to work with clients who value people as much as we do. A partnership with Brightwing opens doors to a highly skilled candidate pool that aligns with your values.

Innovative HR Processes and Technologies

Several recent technological developments are proving useful for creating more efficient and effective HR processes. One is employing a chatbot as a first line of response. Chatbots, and other automated outward-facing systems, have the potential to be a double-edged sword. Some customers will always have reservations towards new technology. However, implementing intention and care can greatly increase the efficiency of your responses. Think of a chatbot as your support – it’s there when you’re not and is available to respond to things like FAQs – but it doesn’t replace you. Human intuition and communication are critical components to implementing successful HR strategies.

Another helpful technology and tool belt of organizational strategies is the use of augmented writing technology which employs machine learning to give advice when phrasing written materials and job advertisements. This is an invaluable tool for widening potential demographics and improving the reach of a job post. Brightwing can help amplify these effects. Our familiarity with our talent pool helps us target your job posting toward whatever skill sets and demographics you seek to prioritize. While augmented writing technology might help with your human resource planning, only an experienced, expert recruiting agency can bridge that gap between your job position and the ideal candidate.

How Brightwing Supports Your HR Potential

Picture this: you have narrowed a hiring pool down to the final two candidates but they both seem evenly matched. The deciding factor in such a narrow decision is often human intuition and experience. At Brightwing, this is exactly what we prioritize. Our recruiting teams are committed to bridging our clients’ talent needs with our candidates’ desire to have fulfilling work. Our 50-plus years of working within finance, IT, engineering, and operations give us foresight into each industry we work in. When it comes down to that final decision, our HR and hiring processes, hand-selected resumes, and intuition all come together to select the right candidate for the job.