The job market has been especially volatile in the past couple of years. We’ve gone from The Great Resignation in the wake of COVID, when employees were voluntarily resigning from their jobs in mass numbers; to the Great Realignment, when those employees who voluntarily left their jobs found better ones, typically working for competitor companies; and now to the Great Rebalancing, with the job market slowing down and returning to a more employer-centric one when it comes to general talent. 

The companies and candidates that have prevailed through all of these job market changes have had one secret weapon in their arsenal when it comes to hiring and finding a job: a streamlined talent process. 

As a talent partner, we work with you to align processes that enable us to work together seamlessly. 

There are numerous benefits that accompany a partnership with a talent partner: speed in filling open positions, attracting passive candidates, lower acquisition costs, and better retention rates, just to name a few. 

When choosing and hiring a staffing company and recruiter to work with, the best results are achieved with an experienced and established partner.

Career Advisors to Candidates

Candidates who partner with staffing firms benefit from the relationships our recruiting and business development teams have built over time. Oftentimes, recruiters have visibility into opportunities that aren’t published on job boards like LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, and Indeed. 

When working with candidates, the ideal scenario is to always land a placement. In the cases where we’re unable to find a good match, Brightwing recruiters will continue to support candidates on their journey. The advantage of working with an established talent and recruiting partner is that our recruiters lean into the networks and the relationships they’ve built over time to introduce candidates to the right people that align with their goals.

With Brightwing, our network extends beyond candidates to employers looking to hire. We know the employers we work with just as well as we know our candidates, so our recruiters confidently share intel to prepare candidates for their interviews.   

We don’t shy away from encouraging candidates to lean into us as a resource. Resume reviews, interview preparation, and feedback have been part of our day-to-day for over 50 years. We’re happy to lend that expertise in preparing candidates for other interviews, looking over resumes, etc. We provide insights into best practices and recommendations, amongst other advice that will set candidates up for success. 

In general, recruiters also share their general job market knowledge with candidates. Whether discussing things like compensation or what and where to look for jobs, sharing expert knowledge is another advantage recruiting and staffing firms provide to candidates. 

Talent Advisor to Clients

Partnering with an established talent partner translates into a well-connected network of candidates. As a partner, we’re here to aid HR and talent teams in their search – never to compete. We align processes to help identify the right talent for the job within industries we have well-developed networks in – IT, engineering, operations, accounting, and finance. 

Brightwing boasts interview-to-hire ratios that are well above the industry average, mostly due to our deep pipelines and extensive candidate network.

Our general interview-to-hire ratio is 1:1. But for each industry we work in: 

We offer this low interview-to-hire ratio to our clients through a combination of our recruiter expertise and their deep networks. Many Brightwingers have been working with Brightwing for 14 years (nearly 10 times higher than the average tenure in this industry). In the time our recruiting team has been with Brightwing, they’ve found their niche and grown into specialists in that niche, thus garnering a large network of candidates related to that industry specifically. Partnering with any recruiting firm that specializes in a specific industry means that those recruiters know exactly what type of talent you’re looking for.

Many recruiters have long-lasting relationships with candidates in their niche industries, so they know personalities, wants, needs, goals, and qualifications that match with what an employer needs and wants. And when they don’t know a candidate who is a perfect match, they know people who will – offering a referral program that incentivizes candidates to spread the word.

A Partnership with Talent Experts

Working with a trusted talent partner, whether you are a candidate or a client, puts you at an advantage in the job market. When partnering with Brightwing, the impact of those benefits is amplified, better. We’ve been in business for more than 50 years, and throughout those years, our focus has always been on people and building relationships with them. 

Simply put, we’re experts in a people-centric business.

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