Hold on to your hats because it’s time for all employees to get their dose of training! Your company has found reason to give its workers more knowledge on a particular subject, whether it is the integration of a new company wide program or leadership skills.

Flight Restriction

Training usually ends up being the afterthought of doing anything new. A lot of companies think that their employees are super human robots that can pick up and go with something like a fish to water. It’s time for a reality check, though. People need to learn about the new before they can become comfortable with it. But with so many different training approaches, what is the best way to make this happen?

Take Off

According to a survey done by the Chapman Alliance, the average time it takes to create a single hour for a training session is 43 hours. That is almost two days of work for an hour of material. That is why it is so important to know exactly how to approach a training course before it takes place. I mean, you wouldn’t submerge your hand in water before testing the temperature first right? The type of training is decided upon based on the people who are receiving the information. If the employees are scattered around the state, you obviously want to create a training program that involves SWAT teams breaking into their homes at night, kidnapping them, and taking them to a remote facility in South America that has a chalk board and desks. The easier method, however, is just utilizing the internet.

Brightwing and i3Logic strive hard to find the best possible courses of action for a training class. With technology today, the realm of possibilities for learning has grown substantially. Instructor led face-to-face training is not the only way to go.

E-learning initiative (online training) has become extremely convenient and popular as well. It is separated into the three following methods depending on how much interaction is needed:

Level 1: Low Interaction. This process involves graphics and written info for one to read online.

Level 2: Medium Interaction: This process involves videos or recorded interaction.

Level 3: High Interaction. This process involves interaction with avatar interviewing.

You can also blend the two methods together and do instructor led training online with group meetings and discussions in a virtual classroom. Don’t forget your virtual paper airplanes and spit wads when you log on!

If a small amount of employees need training and are all in the same general area, instructor led training works wonders. It allows for a great amount of interaction and knowledge sharing between employees and instructor. However, a lot of companies find it difficult to provide physical training because their employees are not all in the same place. This is where customized online training programs come in handy. The level of e-learning depends on the motivation of the employees. If they don’t want to do it, then a higher level of interaction is needed to keep them interested. Shiny objects are advised as people are generally attracted to them.

Maintaining Altitude

So there you have it! Now you know what learning solutions companies go through. Are you doing all that you can to make sure your employees are trained properly and efficiently? It is a long process that must be molded to fit each individual situation. In fact, I think I’ll end this blog so I can go work on my online employee potty training class!