Brightwing received a shout-out this morning from for the work that one of our newest employees, Russ Dotson, did for a local Support The Troops event. is a Detroit tech networking group that along with organizing charitable events for the military, has helped more than 350 people find jobs over the past two years. The Support The Troops event on December 13th raised money to support Michigan military and their families. Everything from iPods, many iTunes gift cards, cash and other items were gathered to send to the troops.

Russ Dotson, Senior Brightwing RecruiterThe article states: “Brightwing gets an honorable mention for their donation, but also because that’s where Russ Dotson has now landed…and Russ is a critical component to doing what we do with these events.  He’s the one that approached us last year when we were foaming at the mouth trying to figure out how to do something good (and reasonable for our members) for our end of the year event.

In addition to his own service overseas, he’s obviously still very much involved with reservists and others who are still engaged in active duty deployments. Russ is also one of the few people I’d turn to if I were in need of a gig, so he’s definitely in that same “go to” category of recruiters you should get to know.”