This past winter I had a sobering wake up call when my mother was sick in the hospital. The wake up call was not that I realized how much I loved my mom and my family, I have known the full weight of that for years, but how true it is that no matter how bad you think you have it, there is always someone who is less fortunate. My mother’s roommate, for example, was sent home because there was nothing else that they could do for her cancer. Having been in such close quarters we got to know her family, their situation, financial and emotional struggles. Seeing as Christmas would have been very hard to pull off last year, my family decided to help them get gifts and other  holiday treats to make at least one aspect of their life easier. This didn’t spark a personal transformation per se, but fully illustrated the power of helping those around you. Because of this, I find myself paying it forward for the heck of it – not for money and not for recognition. Helping others in small ways makes my day a little better too.

One way that we pay it forward in our industry is by helping others find employment that is genuinely fulfilling. We asked several Brightwing employees, who refer friends and family, why they do that. Here is what they said:

Sandi Allen
Why do I pay it forward?  Really the question is why not?  We are here together and might as well do all we can to help each other. After the fallout in 2008, I know what it is like to be looking for a job, hoping that next phone call is for an interview.  I was fortunate in that my previous boss called me back.  That was my opportunity to choose any contract house I wanted.  I had worked with a Brightwing employee, and she never had a bad thing to say about them and had always been happy with the relationship.  I had been a contract employee for 20+ years, and it was uncommon to hear that.  I believe it was through the newsletter that I was introduced to the Partner Points Program.  I thought, “I get to help friends I know looking for a job, and I get points for it!”  I jumped in and haven’t been disappointed.  Some have proven to be a good match, some have not, but we all tried. I passed on info, Brightwing followed up, and the applicant had hope that, even if this call didn’t work for them, at least someone thought that they were worth talking to.

Amy Kiroski
Honestly, I love you guys because I was given this amazing opportunity. I love my job and couldn’t have gotten it without the help of Brightwing.  When I hear people are looking for work, I always refer them because of my positive experience. It’s not about MY recognition; it’s about me helping others, and I really feel that I get a lot out of that on its own.

Rudy Starr
I’ve always prided myself on my integrity and paying it forward.  The Karma has helped me to be referred for certain employment or other opportunities.  If I can help someone else get a chance like I have been blessed with, I will certainly do so.  At times I am picky because it’s my name attached to that person, so I try to select those who would represent me well.  I don’t want be the subject of a conversation on how I referred a bad candidate who just generally sucked.  On the flip side  I love the “Hey, that guy/gal was referred by Rudy Starr and we just love them!!”  Getting a small reward for doing so is also nice.

Kate Katynski
When I started my contract through Brightwing I was so excited to have been presented with such a great opportunity, and glad that I associated with you guys. I of course wanted to share the same opportunity that I had with my friends and family who were in need of a job, and definitely felt that I received so much from referring them to Brightwing!

2013 is Brightwing’s 40th Birthday and we have decided to show our gratitude to the communities we have served by finding ways to pay it forward all year. How do you pay it forward?

Brightwing Pays it Forward

Author: Katie Peterson

Special Guests: Sandi Allen, Amy Kiroski, Rudy Starr, Kate Katynski and Elyse Lopez