What do some of business’s most successful people have in common? They are early risers. Here’s a list of 27 top executives that take waking up early to a whole new level.  To get ahead and reach that next level in your career an early morning wake up call might be just what you need. Here are a few strategies that can make getting up early a little easier and help you get ahead:

  • Don’t assume that you will go from an 8:30 wake up to a 6:00 seamlessly. Start by waking up 20 minutes earlier each morning, until it gets easier.
  • Regular exercise helps regulate your sleep patterns, but doing it right before you try to go to bed can keep you up because of the heart and brain stimulation. Making a habit to work out earlier in the day, morning, lunchtime or right after work, will help you get a good night’s sleep and ensure an easier wake up.
  • Shut down before you go to bed. TV, Tablets, computers and cell phones stimulate your brain activity, disrupting your body’s ability to fall asleep. I am guilty of falling asleep while listening to the TV, but I do notice that I get more sound sleep and wake up better when the room is quiet and dark.
  • Organize your day the night before. If you are all set for your Monday, on Sunday night, you have a much better chance at having a great start to the week with less anxiety. Prepare lunches, wash and iron clothes, and pack your gym bag.
  • Set your alarm to something pleasant. April has a daylight alarm that starts gradually waking her up with light, and at the actual wake up time it plays nature music. I wake up to music on the radio. Whatever sound would help you get excited about the day, you should play it!

It’s hard to be like top CEO’s every day, but if you set a goal to get up an hour or two earlier than normal stick to it. Getting up early can help you get to work earlier, prioritize your time, set goals, prepare for meetings and be proactive about tasks and projects.  If you are having a hard time getting up because you aren’t happy with your job, getting up earlier can help you set yourself up for a new job or a promotion, and all of the work that goes into the process. As far as I am concerned there aren’t any negatives that come out of becoming a morning person, so when you wake up, WAKE UP!

Author: Elyse Lopez