Hypothetically speaking, I want to lose 10 lbs.  I could start out by running, but if I don’t take the extra steps to eat healthy and get more sleep for example, I won’t be getting the most out of my investment. Just like when you hire an employee, one of the largest investments an organization can make, you have to be diligent enough to take the necessary actions to make them a fully functional member of the organization.

A well thought out onboarding strategy can ensure that your new employees are engaged and healthy members of your culture for a long time to come.

In the short term, a high-potential onboarding program improves productivity of employees by showing:

  • Quicker ramp-up in the company and performance in their job
  • Confidence as they navigate the new organizational waters and do their job well
  • They are motivated and well-adjusted in their role
  • They know who to go to when they have questions
  • They understand their role and job expectations
  • They are socially comfortable and accepted by peers
  • They have no poor job attitudes

The long-term outcomes of onboarding will show that employees have:

    • Higher job satisfaction
    • Organizational commitment
    • Lower turnover
    • Higher performance levels
    • Career effectiveness
    • Lowered stress
    • Research shows successful onboarding leads to good employee retention rates and improved performance is a long-term outcome of successful onboarding
    • Employees will navigate to the company’s culture and find their place within it

If you need help with your onboarding strategy, Brightwing’s Brightstartwould be more than happy to help grow your workplace culture.