bag3As Brightwing celebrates its 40th anniversary, we find it extremely important to pay it forward and give back to the community. Our company prides itself on helping others become successful in the workplace, and the philanthropic event we are hosting is accomplishing that same goal. Research led me to four influential organizations that have a strong passion for getting men and women back to work. Brightwing has teamed up with Career Dress, Jackets for Jobs, Dress for Success, and the NSO to host our own professional clothing drive to benefit those in our community.

Not only will those in need be receiving an outfit from one of these charities, but they will be getting a reusable bag that gives them another boost of confidence. On the front of the bag, those who donate will write what they believe they are giving to that person besides clothes; such as, self-empowerment, motivation, strength, etc. Inside the bag will contain a small booklet of resume and interviewing tips to assist in the preparation of the initial interview.

As donations are being made for our professional clothes drive, we need to remember that this is more than just getting rid of items you no longer wear. Blouses and suit jackets that may not have any significance to you can change the lives of those in need. Brightwing’s goal is to give those in our community a chance to walk into an interview with their heads held high. Every man and woman should radiate confidence while talking to future employers and your donation can give them that chance.

Donations can be made at any Brightwing location. For more details regarding involvement, please contact

Author: Allison Mullen