Stand Out online to get the jobPicture this: You are on your computer applying for a position at your dream company. As you enthusiastically upload your cover letter and resume, 1,000 other applicants are applying for that same position at that exact same company.

This is the harsh reality of job hunting online. The volume of applicants is enormous, so it is your job to stand out in the cyber world. Here’s how you can make that possible.

1.)    First, visit sites such as Monster, Indeed and CareerBuilder to find an abundance of opportunities. However, to be timely, make sure to narrow your search based on your own interests.

 2.)    Post your resume to job boards frequently. Be wary of posting anonymously, though. This may decrease your chances of a recruiter calling you.

 3.)    Besides larger online tools, look on the company website and their Linkedin page to see if they are actively updating their job postings.

 4.)    Stay current on your Linkedin profile so it is easy for recruiters to track you down. Updating statuses or sharing blog posts and articles is a great way to show potential employers you are active in the corporate world.

5.)    Taking time out of your schedule to tailor your resume using key words pertaining to the position will be extremely beneficial. Try and do this on a daily basis to stay up to date on each job posting you apply to.

 6.)    New job postings may appear every day but make sure to look at postings from months prior to see if any opportunities are still available.

 7.)    Stay organized. Keep track of what companies the resume is being sent to. Do not make the mistake of sending your resume numerous times and pestering an employer.

Online job hunting is a competitive process, especially when you are one of many applying for the same position. The key is to make you and your resume look appealing by following these tips.