Top engineering jobs It is no secret that Engineering professionals of all backgrounds are in high demand nationwide. The baby boomers are nearing retirement leaving an incredible gap in the supply of talent to fill these engineering roles, and with the sophistication of automobiles there is a need for engineers with IT experience.  While we could go on about the shortage of engineers, it would be much more beneficial to look at the types of engineers and places that they are in the highest demand. According to a survey, the following states have the highest demand :

  • Texas (Houston, Dallas, Austin)
  • California (San Jose, San Diego, Irvine)
  • Illinois (Chicago)
  • Michigan (Auburn Hills)
  • New York (New York)


Here are the top engineering jobs:

For a fuller picture of the need for engineers, and employer struggles click on the infographic below

top engineering  jobs by state

Infographic credit: Monster Worldwide, Inc.