perfect job for meLet’s get one thing straight: change is good – even if your mom, significant other or anyone else (yes, even your self-doubt) thinks otherwise. Whether you’re unhappy in your job or just plain bored, it’s probably time for a change. Unfortunately, many put off much-needed change simply because they don’t know where to begin. When it comes to changing up their job or career, many look for the obvious – more money, benefits, duties and so on. But consider this: how much happier would you be if your job fit your personality type like a glove?


Finding the ideal role for your personality type means that you first have to know yourself – and no, this doesn’t require a visit to the Dr. Phil show, personal psychic or life coach – it’s actually quite simple!


Let’s say, for example, that you are someone who naturally thrives on supporting and nurturing others, like the Advocate personality type. It’s more than just what you do – it’s who you ARE – and that’s the role you should play in each job you’re in. It doesn’t matter you work at a tech firm, veterinarian’s office or even a hot dog stand (hey – hot dogs need to be supported and nurtured, too!)


If, like the Advocate, you thrive on being supportive and interacting with others, the worst mistake you could make is to choose a particular job that isolates you from others, right? In the same token, if you’re a hard-core introvert, the last thing you’d want to do is take on a public-facing job – you’d likely be miserable (and prone to slamming down the phone on unruly customers – no bueno!)


Your perfect job will require you to spend most of your time satisfying your ideal roles – and there can be more than one. Prioritize them.


Here’s a few ways to find the perfect job for your personality type:

• Identify the best traits of your personality type. Take Good.Co’s free online personality assessment. In just a few questions, it will help you discover your unique personal archetype – and it will help you understand what makes you tick in the workplace.

• Self-discovery – Get comfortable and spend some time thinking about the roles you play in life – with friends, in past work, on teams, in your hobbies etc. Make note of some roles that keep showing up regardless of the situation and highlight the ones that make you feel great.

• Values – What do you care about? If you work in ways that matter to you, you’ll enjoy it more and you’ll probably be better at it. That’s a win/win, no?

When you identify what roles fit your personality type, you’ll be able to quickly identify whether a position meets those needs, bringing you one step closer to finding your dream job – and yes, making that much-needed change.


This blog was originally posted on’s career insights blog by Lisa Chatroop:

As Good.Co’s Social Media Marketing Manager, Lisa has spent the last five years as a blogger, community manager and social media strategist for a wide variety of clients ranging from tech startups to large corporations. An alumni of DePaul University and AIU London, Lisa currently resides in Chicago, where she grew up.