New year, new job?  Friend of Brightwing and beauty guru, Rachel Weiland, has created a makeup tutorial that is packed with interview tips. Her company, Glow of Grace, has makeup tutorials for every occasion from bridal to holiday parties and has helped us out by creating a makeup tutorial for female interviewees.

First impressions in an interview are so important, but clothing and resumes are usually the focus. An often overlooked interview tip, makeup can have an impact in both a negative and positive way. Wendy Rodewald of Yahoo Daily Makeover writes, ” I once interviewed a job candidate who was wearing so many layers of clumpy, black false lashes that they were falling into her eyes every time she blinked. Needless to say it was pretty distracting. ”

Don’t fall victim to night club inspired, interview makeup! Watch Rachel’s tutorial below, complete with interview tips for outfits, nails and hair! See all of the products used in her original post here.

More interview tips from Rachel:

You want to keep your makeup simple and tasteful. An interview is not the time to bust out your favorite smokey eye and red lip.

Interview tips

You also want your makeup to enhance your best features without being over the top. Neutral and natural with a bit of warmth is definitely the way to go.

Now that we’ve got makeup covered, let me just discuss a few other interview tips that will help you to look your best.

Hair – As long as it’s neat and clean, there aren’t too many rules to follow, but here are just a few suggestions.

  • Try to keep it out of your face so that your interviewer can see you. I’m not saying you have to wear it up or back, but if they can’t see your eyes, that probably won’t go over well.
  • If you’re wearing your hair down and you’re handy with a curling wand, a few curls always look good. Need help? Here’s a curling tutorial just for you!
  • If you are hot tool challenged, go for a simple but elegant updo like a sock bun. If you’re not familiar with styling your hair with footwear, I teach you how to get in on this magic in this tutorial.

Nails – Neat and neutral!

  • Stick to neutral colors like a pale pink. A few of my favorites are Essie’s Limo-Scene, Adore-a-ball, Vanity Fairest, and Sugar Daddy.
  • Keep them neat! It doesn’t look very professional to have a manicure that is super chipped and messy.

Outfit – BE PROFESSIONAL! Obviously your outfit will depend on the type of job you’re going for, but here a few basic interview tips for clothing:

  • If it’s too low or too high, skip it. An employer does not need to see all that.
  • An iron is your friend!! Don’t walk in to an interview looking like you just picked up your clothes from a heap on your floor.
  • For an office job, I recommend picking up business wear if you don’t already own some. It will never hurt you in life to own a nice blazer, a pair of dress pants, and some office-friendly blouses. EXPRESS & The Limited are my go-to stores for affordable business wear that is completely work appropriate, yet still stylish.

I hope that you’ve found this helpful and good luck in those interviews!

Best & Blessings,

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