Automakers up Their Recruiting Game in Detroit and Across the Country

Detroit Recruiting for IT and Engineering
It’s no secret; Detroit’s automotive world is in serious need of recruiting STEM talent to drive the next wave of automotive technology. And in this race for today’s top Engineering, Design and IT grads, the automotive world is up against Silicon Valley and the hot startup culture that millennials are dying to get into. Detroiter Magazine interviewed executive level people from Chrysler, Nissan, Ford and OEM Suppliers in the article, Recruiting Against The Valley. They bring to light some of the biggest reasons that recent grads should consider the automotive industry to take their careers to the next level.

Automakers ARE the cutting edge of technology
As a Detroit recruiting company that has worked with Chrysler for the past 25 years, we know the high caliber of talent being recruited in the area. The game is constantly changing and today the cars on the road,  and those that will be, are an extension of the life of the driver. Carla Bailo, Nissan senior vice president for research and development commented, “We need the car to behave and think like a person. This runs the gamut from information technology, alternative powertrains, connected vehicle cloud infrastructure, battery and fuel cell research, et cetera.” Today’s cars can sense their surroundings, connect with smart phones and react to voice commands. What’s next can and will be up to the next generation.

You have influence in some of the world’s largest companies
The millennial generation is not only drawn to companies that have a start up and entrepreneurial feel, but they like being decision makers. What they may not understand is that today’s auto giants are flatter organizations than they seem. “An entry-level employee at Chrysler Group LLC is only seven levels removed from Chairman and CEO Sergio Marchionne,” said Georgette Borrego Dulworth, Chrysler’s director of talent acquisition and diversity. “In a flatter organization such as ours, our people have significant exposure to senior management.”

Large companies move quicker than you think
As recruiters in the Detroit area, we have definitely heard some of the millennial generation’s reservations about the auto industry, one of them being that the large companies do not provide variety, don’t move quickly etc. The millennial generation is not only drawn to companies that have a start up feel but they also tend to switch positions or companies every 5 years, which can sometimes mean rebuilding reputation, rapport and an entire professional network. Dulworth says, “A career at Chrysler can provide variety sooner without having to leave and rebuild your network in a new company. There are so many opportunities here to build on your expertise.” Julie A. Fream, president and CEO of the Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESA) also comments, “Companies are doing more to retain talent rather than lose it at that five to 10 year mark…They are presenting their people with more opportunities for development as they hit the three to five year mark.” The auto industry in Detroit can offer much more diversity in projects and positions than perception holds.

Automakers, while much larger, have a very competitive edge against the hot startup culture that is attracting the top IT and engineering talent. If you are or will be a graduate in IT or engineering fields with a potential interest in the automotive industry, let us know. We have plenty of opportunities that may be your dream job.

By: Elyse Lopez