Video resumes are becoming a topic of “Should you or Should you not.” When done well, and for the right industry, video resumes can really make you stand out from the crowd by showcasing not only your skills, but your personality.  In an effort to help you organize your resume into a well thought out video, I made a video of my own that breaks the process down into 4 easy steps.  To create video resumes I highly recommend using Camtasia, an inexpensive screen recording and video editing software by TechSmith. I used their software to create this video. The great thing about Camtasia is that it’s super easy to use and allows you to cut and paste video clips, giving you the ability to quickly make multiple video resumes for various employers. TechSmith even offers a free 30 day trial that can get you started. Keep in mind, a video resume won’t be appropriate in every situation.










1. Know your audience-Creative video resumes should showcase your portfolio, while more serious video resumes should showcase your professional successes. If, for example you are a graphic designer,painter, marketer, etc, keep your creative audience in mind.

2. Be concise-Write out your script and practice saying who you are, what job you are applying for, and why your skills would apply to the job. Remember that attention spans vary from person to person, and that 1:30 to 2 minutes are about as long as your video resume should be.

3. Charisma-While my segment on charisma is a caricature of what you should really be doing, your video resume needs to let your personality shine through. Paper resumes are limited to their content, where video resumes can really show who you are and what you know.  Let yourself shine!

4. Editing-For this professional video resume I used Camtasia by Techsmith which made cutting very easy and quick. If you have other video editing software, you can use that as well.

We wish you the best of luck in your job search! If you need any help, don’t hesitate to view our jobs or reach out to us.

Author: Elyse L. Turner


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